Navjot Design | Launch Party

Navjot Design | Launch Party | The Editor's Touch

From our first phone conversation Navjot and I had a connection ... unfortunately our first connection was bonded through discussing horrible experiences ... BUT(!!!) we came up with a solution pretty quickly: take down her website that she hated since the day it launched ... and from that day forward it was REBRANDING time!!! 

Navjot is an amazingly talented floral designer in Dallas with a soft presence and a kind heart and it gives me such joy to create for her and her company appropriately (now) named Navjot Design.

... below are the screen grabs from her old website that had a lot of issues ... awful SEO, dated design and poor image selection and quality ... basically it just had to go:

Navjot wanted a CLEAN look ... she wanted her work to speak for itself on a website that didn't try to compete with her colorful and stunning creations ... so we did just that!!  Below are a few snippets of the new look and feel:

I absolutely LOVE how this turned out ... it's so focused and doesn't give you an instant headache like the old site did ... and have you ever noticed that the best of the best don't clutter up their website at all??  They let the work speak for itself and that is all that is needed.

We have a few more pages to add ... A press page, some blog posts ... but we felt it was ready to show to the world ... and here is the link:

Congrats, Navjot!!!!  This is a great day :)

XO~ Heather