Numbers Do Not Lie. This Is What I Do For My Clients.

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Excuse me while I get all BRAGGADOCIOUS:  I know that my clients see and get results from my unique website design formula (which is only 1/3 actual design) because they tell me!  They tell me the phone does not stop ringing, that they feel super confident and ready to kick ass all over the place, that the wedding budgets they work with increase ... and hearing that makes me feel amazing because that is why I do this.  I love celebrating the success stories of others ... I always have and I always will.  But SEEING is believing and because I typically don't work with people who already have Squarespace sites I can't compare the numbers visually.  

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The client below had a Squarespace site before they hired me ... their website launched in MAY ... just look:

There are 2 numbers that you should notice in these columns

  1. VISITS:  The number of people who came into the website
  2. PAGE VIEWS:  The number of pages that people clicked into while they were on the website.

Both are important and work together to support your UEO (user experience optimization) and SEO (search engine optimization).  What I do for my clients is devise a strategy to support BOTH of these.  

The 'views' section increased for this client because I do way more than just 'design a website' ... I optimize and I boost awareness.  Every image that I optimize for my clients uses a formula that I have perfected over the last 9+ years ... and clearly, as you can SEE above, it works.  I also BOOST awareness and traffic for my clients using tips and tricks I learned from being a wedding blog editor ... and as you can SEE above:  it not only works, but it doesn't fizzle out ... you can see the numbers are consistently HIGHER for the months after the website launched.

The 'page views' section is what is telling Google your website is important ... the more page views your website receives, the more important Google will rank your website on search engines .... and as you can see, this client is doing GREAT in that area.

What I do works ... and seeing this makes me SO SO SO SO HAPPY!!!!!!

Want to chat about your website??  Let's do it!

XO~ Heather

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