Oh, You Wanted To Talk To Me On The Phone About Business and Possibly Hiring Me? Excuse Me While My Child Acts Like An Asshole.

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If you are offended that I just called my child an asshole then you better 'click out' NOW ... because that is the very least of what I am about to say.  Kids are the worst sometimes!!!  Honestly, I am about to lose it.  As a business owner who is a mom of a 5 year old and a 3 year old I have earned the right to scream at the world from this blog ... and here it goes.

How do we do it??  How do we run a business and have kids.  I really have no clue.  Half the time I feel like a crazy lunatic ... like just now.  I was on the phone with a potential client that could have really been interested in hiring me.  She was interested in telling me about HER and what SHE needed and I was ready to listen and truly give her my time and my ear ... and then in comes Grayson, my 5 year old ... and his pants are completely off ... yes, he's naked.  Oh, did I mention that this was a 'face time' chat??  This sweet girl had no clue she was going to get an eyeful of my darling boy when what she really wanted was to 'website chat' ... I was humiliated.  Oh, and it didn't end there.  After I did what most people do, which is politely tell my son that 'mommy is on the phone, please wait' (while I gave him my most haunting and threatening smile) - he started going into a full on tantrum.  Like throwing a fit.  And very loudly.  It got so bad that I had to politely and apologetically ask if I could call her back.  Luckily for me she was very understanding and we'll continue later ... but here is my problem:

>> People Who Pay You Don't Want To Take On Your Problems <<

I just looked like my hands were tied ... I just looked like someone who can't handle an additional task.  I just looked like someone who needed to 'closet drink' some vodka while my kids bang on the door asking me what I'm doing ... who wants to hire that??  It's so embarrassing!!!  Some people might say:  well, can't you just schedule calls for when you know the kids are gone or when your husband or a babysitter is home??  Oh, sweetheart you don't have kids, do you.  There is no such thing as scheduling the people who are interested in hiring you and are excited to chat with you immediately ... business happens.  Life happens.  And sometimes the 'life that is happening' is an asshole - like my son was today.

This is a new day ... moms are running businesses, houses, and raising kids all at the same time.  This is the new "normal" ... or, at least it's the new "becoming normal" ... people do this.  My question is: how do you do it?  Let's discuss:

XO~ Heather

*** UPDATE:  I responded to this post today after reading a comment from someone who was offended by what I said >> here is that link

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