One Sided Relationships In Life and In Business

One-Sided Relationships In Business and in Life | The Editor's Touch

If you are someone who is generous with your time, money, and focus when it comes to relationships - you may find yourself in some 'one sided' situations.  Feeling like the other person only wants to take what you give but never offer anything in return on their end.  These types of relationships SUCK.  I value relationships in business and in life and I am a person who tends to 'give' more than I receive.  It takes a lot for me to finally realize:  Hey, this feels very one-sided and it feels like sh*t.

One-sided relationships happen in business and in life.  I feel like sometimes we, as business owners, believe that if we keep giving and giving eventually it will come back our way from the other side ... but when you never see a return from the other person resentment starts to build and this can be dangerous ... building resentment can end in a BLOW UP of anger.  So how do you know if you are starting to get resentful?

Typically for me I get a hint when my 'understanding' isn't there anymore ... when I've been once more 'pushed aside' in some fashion and I don't immediately feel 'an understanding' for their side of things.  At that moment I tend to drift away and something in me decides I'm not going to devote anymore energy to their 'cause' or supporting their endeavors.  I hate that feeling!!  I looooove to support other people and watch them be successful.  It is what I live for!  I love seeing people grow and see their goals be reached - that is the whole reason I started The Editor's Touch - but it goes beyond that too - it feeds into my relationships with people outside of business.

Here's what I've learned about 'one-sided relationships' - it's better to just stop.  Being 'used' or 'taken advantage of' is partly YOUR fault - we allow it to happen.  To me it's like the age-old story of the 'outcast' or 'nerdy' student who does all the bidding for the 'popular' person hoping that one day they'll be invited into the group - that story rarely works out.  I want people in my business circle and in my life who LIKE ME and WANT me to be successful and have great things happen.  It's give and take - take and give.  If you are finding yourself in a 'one-sided' place with a person or a business I suggest just walking away before you have a 'resentment explosion' which will only point 'ugliness' on you.

XO~ Heather