Have A Strategy When You Advertise!! Here Are Some Great Tips About Online Advertising!

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Advertising doesn't have to be such a pain for you and your small business.  Does it feel like you are just rolling the dice each time you hand over money to a wedding blog to be a part of their special club of paying members??  Maybe that's because you don't have a STRATEGY!!!!  If you don't have an advertising strategy then the time is NOW to get one!  I have written a few great blog posts about advertising that I will share below ... Remember that the time is NOW to get your booty out there and in the faces of BRIDES!!!  Woohoo!! It's engagement season!

>> What is your advertising strategy??  Don't have one??  Get one!!  <<

Having an advertising strategy will do more than help your business grow: it will give your money purpose ... rather than just throw money around each time one of the wedding blogs has a 'sale' on their listings.  If you feel like your advertising budget has a path you may find it works BETTER for your business!

Here is a post I wrote about the different types of wedding blogs you should be advertising with ... this post is a MUST READ before you dive in an pay somebody to help promote your company.

Something that is VERY important to keep in mind is WHERE brides are finding you and the path they took to GET TO YOU.  I wrote a post that tells a great story that can put this in perspective for you!

Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to advertising is finding a wedding blog that offers you MORE than just a listing!  One great option is advertising on the Wedding Chicks ... I wrote a post about 'why' that you can find by clicking below:

Also!!!  Advertise with someone who TRULY CARES about you and your business and wants to grow a partnership with you ... I wrote a blog post about Lauren and why you should advertise with Every Last Detail:

What if you are finding that you get tons of clicks from your online advertising outlets but they rarely if ever lead to hires???  Then you need to read this:

This is the time, people!!  My highest traffic months for Style Unveiled were January - April ... the traffic I had was HUGE and why is that?????  Because people are getting ENGAGED!!  People are looking for YOU ... this is the time to make sure your website is in tip top shape!  This is the time to make sure your social media is BOOMING!!  This is the time to ramp up your presence ... and sometimes that means forking over the dough and advertising someplace that matters.

XO~ Heather

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