Opulent Treasures, How Does Your New Website Feel!!??

Heather is an amazing web designer! She transformed our website in a matter of days and gave us a fresh and fantastic new look! Her efficiency and compassion for what she does is clearly shown in her work. Her talent and taste level is impressive and she takes pride in every detail. Look no further, hire her today!
— Opulent Treasures

I love HUGE transformations.  I love getting my hands on a website that is holding a company back from reaching their full potential and removing it from the internet ... and then watching what unfolds after the old website is down and the new one is up.  When Carol of Opulent Treasures contacted me I knew it would be an epic transformation and I was right!!

Below is the website that Opulent Treasures had when they hired me:

The project for Opulent Treasures had many different layers.  We knew right away that nothing from the old site would be similar to the new website I was designing for them.  A clean, chaotic-free, and freeing space was something that was important to Carol and her team going forward - but we also wanted it to have charm, personality, and speak for their brand and what they offer their target market.

I wanted to add something, but not a ton .... so I included a sparkly gold 'frame shape' across all the pages and left everything else to be white and the colors sampled from their logo.  We included an 'inspiration' page so that potential customers could see how the pieces were used in real life ... and we made sure to keep it light throughout the rest of the website because our goal for this website is that people would SHOP and make purchases.

I love how easy Squarespace makes the shopping experience on their interface ... once everything is designed beautifully the shops are perfect for desktop and mobile use ... I love the shop that Opulent Treasures now has!  It's so pretty!!

View the live website here:  http://www.opulenttreasures.com/

Carol, I loved working with you!  I know there is lots more to come ... and I'm so excited!

XO~ Heather