I Designed For An Interior Designer!! This Was A Dream Project!

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Ok - where to begin . . . . . thankfully Heather saved me from myself. After hiring 2 other web designers, that I had to literally walk them through every detail of my website design and they still could not get it even close to what I had in mind. After wasting so much time and money, I did some serious research and found Heather. She doesn’t just say she gets it she really does GET IT. The entire process was a walk in the park compared to working with others. I can not stress this enough. Heather is on it . . . . from the second she starts your project and stays on deadline to the finish line. For the first time in my career I am proud and very happy to look at my new site. Heather is naturally creative and knows her stuff, which is a rare combination. I was so lucky to have found her.
— Pamela Harvey

When Pamela Harvey emailed me about her website it was like my 'wish upon a star' requests to the universe had been answered.  While I loooooooove creating beautiful websites for wedding professionals, I have a secret obsession with interior design.  I watch Million Dollar Listing whatever ... even Ryan's Wedding ... and while my house isn't the definition of 'posh' I certainly try to choose wisely when it comes to decorating my own home.  Pamela is an AMAZING interior designer ... like the best of the BEST!!  Her designs are in the best ID magazines and she has won all the awards for her work.  

I did have to work very hard to get this project as Pamela had many MANY awful experiences with website designers in the past ... I practically got on my hands and knees (I am not about begging for a job I really want ... because I know I will do an amazing job) ... and thank goodness, because after I showed Pamela that not all website designers are scary, we were able to create something GORGEOUS together.  A work of art, just like her showhouses.

Here is the website Pamela had before she hired me:

Below is the scrolling homepage I designed for Pamela Harvey Interiors ... I love how it brings the visitors INTO ONE OF PAMELA'S ROOMS ... it pulls you in and makes you want to live in her world.  It also works beautifully on any mobile device, which is key!!

Website Design For Pamela Harvey Interiors | Squarespace Website Designer  | The Editor's Touch

I am so proud of this project and more than that I am excited for Pamela and her team - I am so excited that Pamela now has a website designer she can truly trust to do exactly what she needs ... WIN WIN all around!

Go visit the LIVE website here:  http://www.pamelaharveyinteriordesign.com/

XO~ Heather