Pantone's Top 10 Colors for Spring 2016 Have Been Announced! So Why Do We Care?? Because...

Pantone's Top 10 Colors for Spring 2016 | The Editor's Touch

The announcement was made and Pantone has final say ... these are the colors we'll all be wearing next Spring:

Pantone's Top 10 Colors for Spring 2016 Have Been Announced

Now you're probably going: Heather, thanks.  We saw it on every single blog we follow yesterday and we still don't get why we should care when it comes to The Editor's Touch shenanigans.  Well, I'll tell you!!!  It's time for styled shoots!!  Oh yes ... you want to get ahead of the game!!  Where are my styled shoot honeys at???  I know you're out there!  Get to moving!  It's time to pair some 'iced coffee' with some 'limpet shell' and toss in a dash of 'fiesta' and some 'peach echo' accents << ok, so maybe don't follow my lead ... but you get the point ;)

This is the time to JUMP on the trends ... because no matter how hard we all may fight wearing a shirt that is straight up 'green flash' ... you will wake up in Spring 2016 decked out in this fantastic green color and you will love every single minute of it .. and brides will be asking for these colors ... fighting it won't help ... get ahead of the game and create some looks that show these colors off!  Show that you are a trend setter and show your clients that you are in the know!!

XO~ Heather

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