Party Pieces by Perry Website Gorgeousness!! Launched!!

Party Pieces by Perry | Website Design by Heather Sharpe of The Editor's Touch

When Gizelle of Party Pieces by Perry contacted me her website was IN TROUBLE ... it was going down a bad road and she needed it to be pulled back.  I was SO excited because I have been wanting to design a vintage rental company website every since launching The Editor's Touch ... and this was my chance to ROCK IT OUT!!  I am SO excited with the way the new rebrand and website turned out for this company.  I ended up designing a new logo for Gizelle as well as a new website!

Below are screengrabs of the old logo and the half finished website Gizelle had when she hired me to take over:

And here are a few screengrabs of the website and logo I designed for Party Pieces by Perry:

I am beaming with pride over this launched project ... I believe amazing things are going to happen now that Party Pieces by Perry has this look and feel ... I just moved Gizelle up to take on her competition in a huge way and she's ready!!!!  It's going to be fun for me to watch and hear about the changes her company goes through with this new asset!

Congrats, Gizelle!!

XO~ Heather