Peacocking To Your Target Market

Peacocking To Your Target Market | The Editor's Touch

I am a firm believe in:  


When I set out in October of 2008 to design a national wedding blog that would attract a bride looking to HIRE PROFESSIONALS for her wedding I followed certain criteria:

  1. Never promote DIY projects
  2. Always point out what the wedding professionals did in the wedding
  3. Always direct the traffic from my blog posts to the vendor directory on Style Unveiled
  4. Always put my paying advertisers as priority for features
  5. Never promote DIY weddings or showcase them
  6. Only accept weddings for a feature if they had at least 5 wedding professionals on the credits list

There was more, but you get the point.  My goal of creating a space for the HIRING BRIDE was clear and I had to follow certain 'rules' to make sure that my target market found me and came to my blog.  If I started throwing a bunch of sh*t on Style Unveiled that didn't match my focus then it wouldn't help my advertisers and therefore the business side of my blog would fail - thus, no blog left to be the editor for.  Blog are a business, after all ;)

I take that same attitude with me now when I design for wedding professionals and creatives.  I learn about their target market and the type of bride they want to reach and then I start throwing stuff out and collecting my 'approved' materials.  Questions like:

  • Do you want to attract ballroom brides?
  • Do you want to attract gay couples?
  • Do you want to attract winery wedding brides?
  • Do you want to weed out the budget couples?
  • Do you want to attract couples who are planning a destination wedding?
  • Do you want to keep things close to your area only?

Again, there is more, but you get my point.  Getting to know YOUR IDEAL CLIENT is vital to creating an online space for YOU that works.  If you want to attract higher end brides and I use images of outdoor picnic weddings on your website then I just fully failed as your website designer.

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It's important to remember ALL THE ELEMENTS of your website need to work together to attract your target market bride ... you need to


Get those feathers out ... strut your stuff ... show them that you are the one to create their wedding for them because you've done it.  You speak their language.  You know their world.  And how do you do that?  With the logo, colors, fonts, images, and overall design of your entire website.

Brides WILL visit your website.  They WILL judge you based on what they see.  Are you ready for them?  Hiring season is here!!

XO~ Heather

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