I Grew A Website For Floral Genius Jackie of Penelope Pots! Take A Peek!

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Working with Heather of The Editor’s Touch has been a complete dream! I was so worried that I wouldn’t have time to get all of my images organized, but low and behold, Heather did it for me and chose the best photos from my image galleries (gasp)! She is my hero right now. Not only did she make the process a breeze, she created a KILLER site for my company that represents our brand perfectly. It was such a relief to know that I had hired a true professional that I could trust completely to capture the essence of our brand in web form. Heather is a consummate professional that is not only talented but also so much fun to work with. I can’t praise her enough and am so grateful for her and her expertise. Look no further for your website designer because SHE. IS. IT.
— Jackie, Penelope Pots Floral Design

Working with Jackie (owner of Penelope Pots a Southern California floral design company)  ... how do I put this ... IS AWESOME.  She's funny, sassy, a smartie-pants, brilliant, gets it, knows wussup ... basically she's my new favorite person on the planet.  Here's the thing:


Can you imagine???  She didn't take control, she let me breathe ... she TRUSTED ME ... I do best and create my best work when I'm left alone.  I know, I know ....


Well, I am not a typical website designer ... I am a creative at heart and I love to create.  And create I did for Penelope Pots.

Here is the website they were sporting before they hired me:


Jackie didn't feel like her old website was attracting her ideal client ... it was a little chaotic ... and she didn't even want to go on it ... side note:  if you don't even want to LOOK at your own website ... that's a major problem!! ;)  Let's talk.

When I saw Jackie's work I was immediately inspired ... I got to work and created this as her homepage:

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^^ Isn't it pretty!!!  Kaylyn of Pirouette Paper Company created all the gorgeous calligraphy for the logo and the buttons I designed ... and the images by Mallory Dawn Photography pushed me into eye-candy heaven!  It's the perfect mix of design, layout, accents and imagery ... which is what you need for a killer website!  That formula again please??


It's like an outfit ... if you have AMAZING shoes and a dumpy dress on ... well, it's not going to matter how fab the shoes are ... you gotta have it ALL working together to create 'the look'

Anyway, moving along ... Jackie, I loooooove looooooove looooooooove your new website!  I am SO excited for you and what's to come!!!

See the live website here >>  http://www.penelopepots.com/

XO~ Heather

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