Why People Like Me and Photography Workshops Are F*cking Dangerous

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These days a business can start one day and be successful within a year - achieve things it used to take 5 years to make happen.  The people coming up are faster, smarter about social media, and they are HUNGRY.  They've seen what YOU have done and they want it.  They learned by watching and they are tech savvy.  These people are dangerous to an already established company.

I'm dangerous.  I can take a newbie wedding professional and mold them into something that looks and acts like it has been there for years.  My eye for detail, design, and the *right* images to use make me lethal and a huge asset to a new company who may not have a huge portfolio yet.  My experience in the wedding industry makes me one of the most unique businesses because I've seen it all - from my days as a wedding coordinator to running a wedding blog - to growing my own social media following of over 250,000 organically - to understanding the ins and outs of blogging to grow traffic - I'm dangerous.  I have taken brand new wedding vendors and built them a website that makes people stick around - that makes people call them.  My clients see HUGE jumps in the clients and the budgets they are working with after their websites launch. This is how POWERFUL a well built website can be.

Photography workshops are dangerous.  Want to be a rockstar like Jose Villa??  Just take his workshop!  Want to photograph like Elizabeth Messina?  Take her workshop.  Apply those tools and practice your trade - do what they tell you during the workshop - build a portfolio of 'workshop images' - and BAM - a photographer you have just become (??) .... TO THE PUBLIC EYE.  Does this mean you will be able to do 'your thing' at an actual living wedding day??  Remains to be seen ... but to your audience you look like a photographer and looks can be deceiving:

We all remember when Owen Wilson's character told Vince Vaughn's character not to bother trying to 'get with' a girl in a hat ... his reply: Yeah?  Well the proper girl in the hat just eye-f*cked the sh*t out of me.  Looks are deceiving.  Don't discount the new wedding professionals in town that are coming up behind you - you don't know what they can do yet - or what tools they have in their toolkit.  What is on a company's website and social media can 'trick' or 'sell' their services far better than most things will these days.  And remember:  the people coming up under you are HUNGRIER and they are SMART.  

I say it over and over and over on here - do not get comfy!!!  Don't let your company put their sweats on!  You need to keep trying to get your company laid, you need to wear your good ass jeans - every day!  Make your website shine - because you don't know if I am working with your newest competition on a shiny new website that will make brides stop and go:  OMG, I have to work with this company!!  You don't know if the newest photographer in town who is Instagram savvy just took 5 Kurt Boomer workshops and is ready to rock their new 'portfolio' all over town!  And what you don't know can hurt you.

XO~ Heather

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