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I feel like there were a lot of times while being the editor and creator of Style Unveiled where I would come up with something ahhhh-mazing for wedding pros who advertised with me and nobody 'got it' ... I'd be like: omg this is an amazing thing!!!  And I'd hear crickets ... and that's ok ;)  But now I am in a position to drill into wedding and lifestyle professionals as to which advertising outlets are worth your $$$$ and why!  I've chatted about why you should advertise with Wedding Chicks ... I've gotten on my soap box about why becoming a member of Every Last Detail is important .. today: it's all about the COLOR:  I'm talking about the colorful woman who created The Perfect Palette!! ... my friend, Chrissy :)

I talk a lot on here about Pinterest (here is a post I wrote about making sure your website and blog images are Pinterest friendly) and why it's an important tool for wedding professionals to utilize!  I think one of the main reasons a lot of vendors don't use Pinterest as often as they should is because their lack of followers discourages them ... it's one of those things where the more you Pin the more you gain followers ... so the longer you wait, the less followers you'll get ... etc, etc, etc.  But what if you were made a member of a group Pinterest board that already had a HUGE following!?  What then??  That's why I love the membership with The Perfect Palette!!  ... every member who signs for the Vendor Guide is invited to Pin on this board.  

I'm sure there are still some crickets out there even after reading that ... I understand that a lot of people don't see the value in this ... but I assure you it's there.  Repins equal more traffic ... traffic helps your SEO ... SEO helps your online searches ...  PLUS(!!) brides are now using Pinterest as a search engine ... so if you are a smarty pants with your description on the image you Pin then you could be brought up in Pinterest searches for brides looking for what YOU offer.

For those who are still snorting at me about this ... remember, you also get an ad in The Perfect Palette vendor guide ... see how beautiful it is!?

... so even if the bells and whistles of being able to Pin to the vendor board don't blow your mind, you can have a link out there for brides and grooms to find :)  If I was a wedding professional I would make sure that The Perfect Palette was on my list every year for 'must advertise' .... the pricing is totally reasonable too!  Click here to see more info!

XO~ Heather