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Brides Using Pinterest as a Search Engine | The Editor's Touch

One of my favorite things is when I sit down for a consultation with one of my clients and I hear this: I have been going through every blog post on The Editor's Touch and applying your advice to my website and wedding business!  YIPPEE!!!!!  

Yesterday I had a lovely Skype consultation with a wedding coordinator and we were focusing on SEO for her website ... mainly all of her images.  It reminded me of the post I wrote about Pinterest and making sure your website and blog images are optimized for Pins from your site!  Pinterest is a search engine ... this morning I went on and searched a few things ... the first thing I searched was Temecula wedding ... and was able to very easily and quickly find a Pin from Michelle Garibay's website ... if a bride had been searching *that* who was planning a wedding in Temecula: boom, she finds a possible wedding coordinator/designer she can hire. Below is the screenshot of my search:

... and below I searched Palm Springs Wedding ... and again, pins from Michelle Garibay's website and blog popped up in the search!  YAY for search engine friendly alt texting at work!!

I am always adding alt and image text for my clients in their websites and blogs ... it's one of the most important jobs I have!  Thinking like a bride or groom and creating terms that I believe would be searched while they plan their wedding ... that's what I bring to the table because of my wedding blog editor background ... here is a recap of what I posted a few months ago about making your images Pinterest friendly:

Pinterest.  You love it, right?  You get a thrill when you see YOUR images from YOUR blog pinned ... you get new followers and you're breaking out the champagne ... someone repins your pin and you feel like you just made a new best friend ... you receive a comment on your Pin and you can't type fast enough to reply and tell them "thanks!" ... Pinterest.  You love it.

Lots of times I will be trolling Pinterest and I'll see this as the description for the image:  3432nklsioe120&*.jpg << hah???  Now I realize my eye is more likely to pick that description apart and be like WTF are you thinking!!??  BUT ;) that's why I'm here!!  To help you realize how dangerous that is ... because guess what: that description is linked to the image that came from GUESS WHERE: your website.  And I think you know what I'm going to say next ... 3432nklsioe120&*.jpg will never help YOU!

Let's play a little game ... do this: use the example below and type in your blog or your main website url 

>> <<

I'll use Style Me Pretty as an example:

What do you see when you look at the Pins from your site?  Lots of search engine filled words and credits and yummies that Google will eat up with delight???  Or do you see this: 3432nklsioe120&*.jpg ... if you see << that, we need to chat.  THAT will not help you ...

You can read more from that blog post HERE.  Would you love to have your website and blog search engine optimized but don't have the time??  Contact me and we'll chat!

XO~ Heather

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