I Loved Designing this Website for Poppy Hill Flowers

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For the five years since I launched my floral business, I’ve always cringed when people ask me what my website was ... “Go check out my Instagram page” I’d say, “my website isn’t a true reflection of who we are or the work we do.” When I came upon Heather from The Editor’s Touch on Instagram, I was drawn in because her feed is just SO beautiful. For one year, I’d look at her IG feed and the websites she’d launched for her clients and think how lucky they were. I was listening to a podcast one day, and the business coach emphasized how vital it is to invest in your website, and how it will pay off big time. It’s one of the smartest investments you can make. In a moment of bravery, I reached out to Heather and she replied within 5 minutes flat! I sat in a coffee shop emailing back and forth with her and the excitement kept building. Heather immediately resonated with my vision and within an hour the wheels were in motion. I walked out of that coffee shop with a huge smile on my face and complete faith that my website was in the best possible hands. I felt really really lucky.

Heather’s process was streamlined and clear. She was kind, enthusiastic, asked for input, welcomed any changes I wanted, gave her expert advice, replied quickly, and was SUCH a pleasure to work with. I even let her know I was painfully challenged with technology, so she sent clear step by step instructions on how to get her all the information she needed. When she sent the final product to me for review, I was blown away. I think my email back to her, besides the 20 heart-eye emojis, were the words “I love it! It’s perfection!”

I CANNOT recommend Heather from The Editor’s Touch enough! If you are on the fence on whether or not you should invest in your website, Jump Off! Do It! And be one of the lucky ones that gets to work with Heather!!!
— Laura, Poppy Hill Flowers

Excuse me while I wipe real tears away after reading the testimonial above that Laura just sent me ... omg, Laura ... thank you so much!!

Working with Laura of Poppy Hill Flowers was amazing ... designing for her was a dream ... and taking down her old website and knowing how much it meant to her validated why I do this and why I love doing this. 

Below is the website Laura had before working with me (and it came down last night!!  Hooray!!)

website that needs to be redesigned

When I saw Laura's floral designs I was instantly inspired ... I sat down and sketched out a homepage that would scroll ... I was crazy in love with the new branding she had designed (Made by Canopy) and used that as a guide to help me design this beautiful homepage:

Squarespace Website Designer | Custom Web Design | The Editor's Touch

Laura hired me for a mini website design which includes 6 galleries in the portfolio ... I chose these 6 and created beautiful thumbnails that supported the flow of the homepage design ... I love how it turned out!

Poppy Hill Flowers | The Editor's Touch Website Designer

... it's even super darling on a mobile and works beautifully too!

Squarespace Website Designer | Custom Web Design | The Editor's Touch

Taking down 'the ugly' and replacing it with a functional, built for success website is what I *live* for ... it's what makes me smile a huge smile ... and I'm so happy to know that Laura of Poppy Hill Flowers is sharing that huge smile with me today :)

View the live and launched website here >>  https://www.poppyhillflowers.com/

XO~ Heather