A Positively Perfect Website For Posh-itively Perfect Events!

Squarespace Website Designer For Wedding Professionals
What can I say ... other than I am in utter awe!!! My website journey is one that is 9 years (YES, 9 freaking years) in the making. I am the poster child for what NOT to do while trying to save money starting and growing a business (that’s a whole nother Oprah!) Heather gently let me know that I am NOT alone and that she would be there to help guide me throughout the entire process. Just by asking me a few questions she was able to get a clear picture of what I was looking for and where I want to take Poshitively Perfect Events. I didn’t know how to get there, but Heather did!! The ABSOLUTE BEST decision that I made was handing over complete creative control to her and watch her just do her thing!! SHE IS A MAGICIAN!! I never once felt like I had to question her design or integrity. Heather’s transparency and honesty gave me the utmost in confidence that my new website was directly in line with the future and target clientele of Poshitively Perfect Events! The end product is simply stunning, classy, and I could NOT be happier!! THANK YOU times infinity Heather of The Editor’s Touch!! I have truly been blessed to work with you and look forward to future projects together!!
— Renee Odom, Posh-itively Perfect Events

When Renee came to me it was clear that she had been through many, MANY trials with her website.  At the beginning, she tried to do it herself ... she purchased a Squarespace template and figured out how to adjust things to be close to what she wanted ... but she just couldn't get there.  

Below is what Renee's website and logo looked like BEFORE she worked with me:


Renee hired me for the package I offer called:  FIX MY SQUARESPACE WEBSITE ... I basically took what she had and gutted it.  We even decided that a rebrand was hugely necessary and so I got her in touch with Pier 9 Design to design the perfect logo for Renee.

I loved blue tones for the new website and played with those on the scrolling homepage.  I wanted to make sure the website was MOBILE-beautiful as well as desktop beautiful ... so the scrolling 'call to action' buttons worked well for that.

Below is the homepage I designed for Posh-itively Perfect Events:

Squarespace Website Designer | Wedding Industry Experts | The Editor's Touch

... and mobile views:

Mobile Beautiful Website Design

I love what's happening for Renee online right now!!  Major upgrade and I know it will make a HUGE difference for her business going forward!  Congrats, Renee!!!

View the live website here:  https://www.poshitivelyperfectevents.com/

XO~ Heather