The Great Google Quake: Are You Prepared? If Not: Here Are Some Things You Can Do!

Being Prepared for Changes Made by Google | The Editor's Touch

Last week I blogged about the Panda 4.2 update that Google is rolling out RIGHT NOW ... and yesterday I spoke with 3 new clients who are already affected by this algorithm quake.  One of them used to be on the top of page 1 for a specific search that worked well for their company ... now: they aren't.  Scary sh*t for a business!!!  Google updates will always happen ... some big, some small ... so how can you prepare yourself for the aftershocks of the current Google quake??

First:  BE MOBILE OPTIMIZED!!!  This is soooo important!  Not only because over 55% of your web traffic will come from a mobile device (which is a huge reason), but because Google will BAN YOU if you aren't mobile optimized ... as in: POOF!!  YOU NO LONGER EXIST TO US.  That is not something to mess with, people.  Here is my suggestion if you can't fork over the dough to hire someone to completely redo your site:  put up a 'holder site' on a mobile optimized interface ... something you are 'ok' with while you wait to have the funds to do it big.  I am doing that for a few of my clients who aren't on my calendar until later in the year ... it's a quick save to make Google happy :)  It might only take you a few hours, too!

Second: CARE ABOUT CONTENT!!!!  Don't just throw pictures up in a blog post and say TADA!!!  Nope, that won't fly anymore.  You need to WRITE ... you need to discuss ... you need to be wordy.  Google is looking for people who actually give a sh*t about their blogs and websites ... they aren't going to be fooled by the person who decided yesterday that blogging is a lucrative biz plan and just throws a bunch of 'stolen' images on a site and calls it a day.  So if you aren't a writer: fake it and quick ;)

Third: WAIT IT OUT ... ugh, I know :(  Being patient for the next 10 months is going to be key while this Panda bear unrolls across the web ... BUT: it may help your sanity to know that almost everyone is in the same boat as you!  You aren't alone ... searches are going to be turned upside down, things are going to flip ... it's all part of riding out this quake together.

XO~ Heather

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