I Can Accept 9 More Website Design Projects in 2016 | And With 2017 Will Come A Raise In My Pricing

The Editor's Touch | Squarespace Website Designer

Every business owner struggles with the thought of raising their prices.  The questions that go through my mind are:

  • What if people stop hiring me?
  • What if my service isn't valued as much as I think it is?
  • What if the target market client I want to reach doesn't want to hire me or doesn't feel I am a fit?
  • What if the service I offer stops being necessary and raising my prices was what made people realize they should just try to do it themselves?

I'm sure anyone reading this has these same thoughts or things I didn't mention when they consider raising their pricing structure.  It's terrifying to raise your prices!!  

I kept my prices for website design and image optimization and SEO very VERY low for my first year as The Editor's Touch.  I didn't know what the first year would feel like and I didn't know what to expect.  But as I have been doing this and realizing the value in what I am doing I have also realized how ridiculously LOW my pricing is!!  So, here is what I plan to do in 2017 ... and I'm announcing it now because I have 9 more openings in 2016 and I feel that a little 'warning' would be nice to have ;) 

Right now I include the following in my weekly website designs:

  • Full Website Design
  • Full Image Optimization
  • SEO Readiness 
  • 5 Blog Posts Fully Optimized
  • Squarespace Teaching After Launch
The Editor's Touch | Website Designer for Wedding Professionals

AND: I am the one designing these websites ... and my experience and background is in the wedding industry and knowing what makes a bride want to click and what makes a bride want to 'get the f*ck out' ... I know what I'm doing.  In 2017 I will be breaking this into tiers that will work similar to this:

  1. Website Design Only
  2. Website Design + Image Optimization
  3. Website Design + Image Optimization + Blogging

Each package will be a different price and depending on how many galleries you want uploaded and optimized there will be a different pricing structure for that.

The 9 clients who book me for 2016 can still be honored my current pricing structure that includes EVERYTHING ... but 2017 is a new year and I need to start putting a value on what I am doing ... will it destroy me???  Only time can tell ;)

XO~ Heather