People Aren't Always Reasonable - And Clients Are People

Here's a fun little tidbit for all you fine folks reading my blog ... I launched a website that has now been live for months ... the client loved it, announced it, shared it, uses it still today, links it to their social media accounts ... basically does everything a company would do with a website.  And guess what:  they submitted a charge dispute yesterday for the full amount.  Wanna know why??  They aren't getting hired.  How do you like them apples!!??

Let me be crystal clear:  IT IS NOT MY JOB TO GET YOU CLIENTS.  That is YOUR job.  I can design a website based on what you tell me to do, I can optimize images with the info you supply me, I can create blog posts that Google will eat up like crazy ... BUT:  I will not and never have promised to get you clients.  If people don't wanna play with you:  NOT MY PROBLEM.

Obviously, I will fight this ... and luckily I can because I was smart about keeping a log, screenshots, and emails ... even texts!!  I have a trail for all of my clients ... and so should you!  And do it while things are GOOD.

If you have a client who raved about you somewhere online .. take a screenshot of that.  Have it in your records.  If they approved something over the phone ... maybe have them reiterate it in an email after the call ... in your contract make sure you are CLEAR and have them check mark or initial next to things you really want to drive home ... because what happens if they wake up one day full of 'feeling crazy' and decide that all their bad luck lately is YOUR FAULT.  It won't be a good day.

When things feel awesome with clients it's easy to just 'go with the flow' and not think about the what-ifs ... 

  • What if I piss them off?
  • What if they change their mind?
  • What if they need money and decide to sue me?
  • What if they blame me for something that isn't my fault or my job?
  • What if another company upsets them that I referred them to and they take it out on me

There are all sorts of reasons that people get mad:  some are reasonable and make sense - some make zero sense and are totally unfair - but always protect your income and always make sure you have 'proof' for those rainy days when you need it.

Will I win this battle?  Who knows!!  I only know I was hired to do a job and I did that job to the best of my ability.  I realize that this is all part of the 'fun' of running a business and it's these situations that make us stronger and learn how to be better next time ... but if you have dealt with this, like I am now, then you know how sh*tty it feels ... especially when the reason is completely and totally ridiculous.  So, I can't say it enough:  do you have a client who currently LOVES you oodles and oodles and you can't imagine a day when things could ever take a turn for the worse???  Create a little bank anyway and make sure you have things in writing or have taken screenshots.

XO~ Heather

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