Why I Don't Recommend Putting Your Image Galleries In Chronological Order

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There are MANY different types of brides out there ... and these different types of brides can all live under the umbrella of YOUR TARGET MARKET.  These types of brides could be:

  • The 'I Am So Into Wedding Cakes Right Now' Bride
  • The 'I Only Care About The Getting Ready Part' Bride
  • The 'I Hate First Looks' Bride
  • The 'I Have To Have An Incredible First Look' Bride
  • The 'I Am Obsessed With Bridesmaid Dress Shopping' Bride
  • The 'I Love Bouquet Shots' Bride
  • The 'I Am Emotionally Obsessed With Portraits' Bride
  • The 'I Only Care About Details Right Now' Bride
  • The 'I Love Everything Purple' Bride
  • The 'I F*cking Hate Purple' Bride

... you get my point.  And the amazing thing about ^^ all those types of brides is that they can turn on a dime!  One day they hate purple ... the next day they want everything draped in purple fabric ... one day they *do* want to have a 'first look' and the next day they don't even want their dog to see their wedding dress before they walk down the aisle.  And these brides are BUSY!!  They are too busy to care about going through your entire website if they don't SEE exactly what they are looking for in UNDER 5 SECONDS.  Yep, 5 seconds ... that's all you get to impress them.

That is why I never recommend that my clients put their image galleries in chronological order.  Everyone with OCD is hating me right now.  Here is the issue with putting images in chronological order:

  1. The first handful of photos will be of getting ready ... if a bride is on a mobile and having to sift through each one individually you could lose her attention faster than you'd like.
  2. It will probably move into a 'first look' series after the getting ready and if that particular bride isn't interested in that you may find that she 'clicks out' too soon.
  3. The 'detail shots' are probably all at the end of the gallery ... and this is the issue.

Brides today are VERY INTO DETAILS.  And who is to blame for that????  BLOGS.  PINTEREST.  INSTAGRAM.  Detail only shots are everywhere and as a photographer you probably hate that!  But it's a necessary evil these days.  You have to show off your talent to photograph beautiful wedding details and then you absolutely MUST highlight those 'detail only' shots on your website ... and IMO you need to sprinkle them throughout the galleries out of order.  Yep.

Well, Heather, then I don't want those brides as clients ... chronological order is very important to me.  I want to tell a story with my images ... not just puke them all over my website in a weird order.  Ok, fair enough!  BUT:  remember this:  times change ... things change ... and you do want your business to keep growing and you want to be hired.  The brides today are on their phones, they are busy, they are in a rush to move onto the next link in their favorite blog's vendor directory ... so if you don't keep their interest ... then you may be saying sayonara!!

Here is my idea for those OCD wedding pros ... use your BLOG to put images in chronological order and use your galleries to sprinkle ... your galleries can be ordered in a random way to show off your BEST work from the different times of the day in the BEGINNING and your blog can be used to show your storytelling talents.  Then: only use 10 ish images in your blog post and then add a link to the full gallery from there.  You just bought yourself a possible new 'page view' and you were able to still do what you want with the 'order thing' ;)  haha ....

XO~ Heather

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