Raves and Testimonials From My Clients ... Because I'm Super Sick and These Are The Best Medicine

Raves and Testimonials for Heather Sharpe of The Editor's Touch

I am sick.  Like, SICK sick ... not a runny nose or a slight cough ... but a virus that I found out has attacked my entire respiratory system and even my stomach!  I am not a happy girl ... I'm reminded of this post I wrote about never getting hired again ... I'm a girl who is down in the dumps :(

It's hard for me to work right now ... I can't even 'mom' which as most moms know means that the sickness is REALLY bad ... But, I can sit and cry and pout ... which, again, is not in my character.  

I have been collecting raves and testimonials from my clients in the hopes that one day I will have the time to create a page dedicated to those on The Editor's Touch .... but, since I'm sitting here in a very depressed state of mind I thought I would read a few and try to boost my spirits of 'sick' ... I wanted to share a few of my favorites here:

I was recommended by a friend that I reach out to Heather Sharpe from The Editor’s Touch for a new website. My old website was outdated and not reaching the brides I needed to connect with. Heather was easy to talk with and understood my needs as a wedding and event florist. I seriously loved her patience with me as I am not the most technical savvy computer person ... she walked me through the process (very gracefully, I might add) and within 24 hours my new website was live! I loved what she produced and she also listened to my ideas and concerns. She made my business shine again! I think she was more than fair with her pricing. I am excited to know Heather and will continue to have her on my team as PR assistant and also doing my blogs when needed. I highly recommend Heather from The Editor’s Touch!
— Laura Sangas, Cody Floral Design
Heather has a brilliantly insightful, artistic ability to get who her client is and their unique talents and genius, and designs their website so their message and work is instantly understood by potential clients.

Since she is wedding industry savvy, she knows the ‘bride’ and links her clients up with the visions and dreams of that mysterious, emotional, magical being.
— Miriam Lindbeck, Wedding Santa Barbara
I am overjoyed with the new design Heather from The Editor’s Touch created for my website. The layout is sophisticated and clean. The home page grabs your attention and makes you want to see more and the site is easy to navigate and keeps you captivated. I could not have dreamed this up myself and thank Heather so much for her impeccable talents of editing and design.
— Maria Nicoletti, RooneyGirl BakeShop
If you haven’t already sent an email, called, texted or sent a smoke signal to this woman, you’re wasting valuable time. GO.DO.IT.NOW.
— Michelle Cousins, Michelle Leo Events
Working with Heather has been an incredibly rewarding and affirming experience. As a small business owner, I am typically making decisions regarding my company on my own. It is really helpful to have feedback from a seasoned industry professional who can lend some objectivity. She has been at the forefront, developing blogs and websites, testing and successfully creating SEO marketing that works.

Heather is friendly, energetic, open, honest, and delivers on everything she offers. She will keep you on your toes and help you streamline and prioritize your goals in order to succeed. Having hired her for both consulting and web design, I can highly recommend her for both. I really feel like she is someone in my corner, rooting me on as my new business starts to grow.
— Ashley Thayer, Arthouse Photographs
For busy wedding pros, finding the right website/marketing company to invest hard-earned money can be stressful and tough to know who to go with, but Heather has an experienced eye for what brides are looking for plus the SEO know-how that made my decision to hire her an easy one. The process was clear, straightforward and no complicated tech-speak. Heather responds and works quickly and makes sure you are absolutely happy with the end-result. Since the website went live only two months ago, I’ve seen a huge increase inquiries AND bookings! My website is a now a direct reflection of my brand and attracts the clients I want to work with! She is worth every penny and I am so happy to have her on my “team!” This is a wedding web designer who truly gets it!
— Michelle Garibay, Michelle Garibay Events
Wedding Santa Barbara has already seen a major increase in client calls and emails, even off season, which for me is unheard of. Wedding Planners, potential clients, even moms of brides, are telling me how “gorgeous” my site is and not only that, brides are READING EVERYTHING on my site! That’s rarely done. I credit the beauty, serenity and ease of use and the wonderful fact that my site is just a wonderful place to go and hang out.
— Miriam Lindbeck, Wedding Santa Barbara
I’m extremely picky when choosing a person to work with, especially when they have access to my business and files. I’ve been working with Heather for a while now, even prior to her starting this business. The number one reason why I consider her my “public relations person” is her character, drive, and integrity. Even before this business, when I worked with her from her publishing days, she always was fair and honored her word. Even when mistakes were made out of her control, she did everything she could to satisfy me keep me as a customer. Her service has always been number one for me. And now, she’s over-exceeded our expectations and continues to provide over the top service and knowledge.

I highly recommend her. She’s tough, and “hard-ass” because she knows more than we do about what she does and requires certain things to help you succeed and grow. In other words, she cares more about our business than she does her profit. And that’s what I like. She knows this industry and what we need to succeed. Use her for sure!
— David Kosberg, Gerilyn Gianna
For the first time since launching my business I have FINALLY found someone who cares about my website as much as I do. And Heather is so much more knowledgeable than I could ever pretend to be when it comes to creating and optimizing a website that will do what it’s supposed to do - work hard, bring me business and represent the brand and company I’ve worked so hard to build. Websites should work smart and hard so you don’t have to. Before I met Heather, my fancy expensive website was doing none of those important things for me. It wasn’t even optimized for mobil traffic if you can believe that (rookie mistake I made because I wasn’t properly informed by previous web designers).

When Heather and I first started discussing this journey, I was more than unsure of a lot of things. It took me a few months to even sign her contract (not because I had doubts about her an her abilities, but because that’s how much I dreaded website do-overs. It had never been a positive experience before). Looking back, I wish I could back up and tell my hesitant self “What are you waiting for?! Sign that contract! Get started NOW! You won’t regret a single thing!”
— Michelle Cousins, Michelle Leo Events
Heather was reliable and quick on services. She was great at conceptualizing the overall look and feel of my project to give it a refresh and updated presence. I wanted my new site to be mobile friendly, easy to navigate and clean. She delivered on all of those! If you’re looking for an updated site, Heather would be an excellent choice for you!
— Rebecca Grant, New Creations Weddings

Ok, thanks for doing that with me ... sometimes a girl needs a little 'pump me up' to get through a tough time ... I am a 'go get 'em' type and when my body does this to me and makes me feel helpless I literally can't stand it.

BONUS POST:  Here is a great post that needs a refresh ... quit making excuses for your sh*tty website and take the reigns to create a fresh one that clients and YOU will love!!

XO~ Heather

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