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A few months ago I wrote this blog post about reasons you're not getting hired ... I listed 8 main reasons and a possible 9th reason which was hard to write about ... today I want to talk about another reason you're not getting hired and I'm calling it #10:


^^ or, less harsh:  you don't realize HOW IMPORTANT image selection and working with the RIGHT photographer really is!!

If you are reading this post there is a HIGH chance you work in the wedding industry ... which means you work with BRIDES ... also known as: the snobbiest, most picky creature on the planet << and that is me holding back!  When they come to see what you've got going on it better be ON POINT because you have 5 seconds or less to keep them on your website, your Instagram feed, your Facebook page, ETC!!!

Now, you tell me ... what is more likely for someone to do in under 5 seconds:

  1. Read the sh*t you wrote about your company ... OR
  2. See the images you put front and center ???

We all can't be speed readers, so the answer is #2 >> take in what is VISUALLY there to SEE ... so your images and your logo.  They better be awesome!  The best of the best ... and so I have to say this and I will try to go easy on you ... should you be picking them???  I don't have an answer for you ... is your image selection 'eye' current and on trend?  Do you have excellent taste in photography style and do you choose the BEST photographers to work with?

^^ answering those questions is up to you ... but if you aren't getting hired and you are getting a solid traffic flow to your website ... well .... maybe not????

Below is a link to the other 8 (9) reasons you may want to check out if your phone has been a little bit quiet these days ...


XO~ Heather

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