RED FLAGS To Pay Attention To When Hiring A Website Design Company

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Well, it happened!  I was ripped off ... partially an ego-boost, I won't lie ... I am officially rip-off-able at this point in the life of The Editor's Touch ... but also, reminds me of things you need to consider when handing over your money to a website design company.

The Instagram account who has been ripping off my designs has a 'private account' ... there is the first clue.  What legitimate business has a private IG account??  Secondly, they follow 6 times the number of accounts that they have following them ... IMO this is a big no-no for any company on IG.  My rule of thumb:  never follow over half the number of accounts that follow you.  In example:  if you have 1,000 followers then never follow more than 500 IG accounts.  Thirdly, this company's website is 'being worked on' ... in other words, they don't have one.  Uhhh, what???  You are a website design company with no website??  I think not.  

Here's the thing:  WEBSITES ARE AN INVESTMENT!!  They cost money!  They are expensive!!  But a website is the LAST thing you should try to 'save money on' ... if you are trying to find the cheapest company out there to design your website then you will get what you 'don't pay for' ... and it's gonna suck.

A website should be a stretch ... if you find a company who can do it on the cheap then you better be asking a ton of questions ... here is a general list of questions you should ask and get GOOD answers to before you hand over your money to a website design company:

  1. Are the websites you design mobile optimized?  If so, can you please send me links to 3 of them so that I can test them?
  2. What interface do you use for designing?  Squarespace? Wordpress? Something else?
  3. Can I have 3 contacts as references that I can email who have websites that are launched and were designed by you?
  4. Do you choose the photos for each page or do I?
  5. Do you teach me how to do simple changes like text updates and swapping images in and out?
  6. How many websites have you designed for companies in my same field? 

Nothing good comes cheap ... sorry, not sorry.  I'm sure you feel the same way about your own business!  Are you good at what you do??  Then people should pay for that - they should pay what it's worth.  I am awesome at what  I do and I still don't charge what I probably should for a complete website design ... here is a blog post I wrote about free websites ... 

I will leave you with this:  if a company sends you a super low quote for a full website design ... like where you are sorta shocked by their price ... run.  RUN RUN RUN in the other direction!  That is not a good sign!!!  lol

XO~ Heather

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