Regarding My Blog Post About Publications

This morning I shared a post about one of the ways misinformation about 'wedding cost' is spread around.  It was the 2nd of 3 that I plan to blog about.  The first was wedding coordinators and the second, shared this morning, was publications.

The post about publications (blogs and magazines) went live this morning at 8:00 and since that time, the wave of 'hate' pointed directly at me has been tsunami sized.  Now, before you get any weird ideas:


But, what boggles my mind is this:  If you are a blog editor who HATES my guts today, have you asked yourself why???  Why are you so defensive towards my post which only speaks the truth.  The only thing I can think of is you must 'do' what I wrote about.  And if that's the case, then STAND BEHIND IT!

When I blogged this morning I was coming from the perspective of my clients and how they feel. I was also voicing my own concerns about the uprise in publications giving brides and grooms 'bad ish' advice about the reality of 'what they need' while accepting money from business owners who offer the exact service that these particular publications are telling brides they don't need.

Now, if you have chosen the path of being a DIY blog editor, AWESOME!!!  There is zero wrong with that.  If you are owning DIY for what it is and making a business out of it then I applaud you and say: keep doing you.  I am not anti-DIY and while I do have an opinion about the 'business' behind a vendor directory placed on a DIY blog, I am not the holder of the law in the wedding industry.  I'm not in charge. Furthermore, if you are making the money you need to make from your DIY blog and are happy, then why on earth do you care what I think?  BUT, if your DIY blog isn't making money and my blog post struck a chord because you hold resentment about why your business plan isn't working, then isn't it really you who needs to adjust something and realize maybe a DIY focused blog isn't a good way to make money?

The screenshots of comments that was shared to me most recently is FILLED with hate.  Horrid things ... calling me a 'bitch' was one that seemed a bit harsh ... novels about how 'I put ALL publications' under the same umbrella ... on and on and on ...


Well, I didn't call any out by name, that's for sure.  I'm not that stupid!!!  What I did do is make very obvious examples of things we ALL KNOW about and listed them ... if you are in this wedding industry then you know what I'm referring to when I noted the things I listed ... so, is that placing them all under one umbrella??  I guess the umbrella of the 'examples' I gave!  

Look, if you are a publication I do believe that you have some responsibility.  I'm sorry, I do!  Just like if you are a wedding planner or coordinator I believe that you have a responsibility to uphold the 'code' that the great wedding planners of the industry have been writing so that our industry stays strong and isn't considered a joke.

What would I have done if I was a blog editor who read my post today and was immediately angry?? 


I would have posted all day about how awesome my members are.  I would have pumped up the pros of my offerings to advertisers.  I wouldn't have spent ONE SECOND being angry at me.  I wouldn't have wasted ONE MINUTE of time being defensive or pissed ... because IMO, if I'm doing that then there's a pretty good reason for it ... and the reason isn't my blog post from this morning.

XO~ Heather

PS:  Thank you Alante Photography for the cute photo you took in this post <3