Dare I Say This!!?? Don't Have Your Business Facebook Page Posts Launch to Your Twitter Page {GASP}

Twitter Bird

People have forgotten how POWERFUL Twitter can be ... and I constantly hear: Twitter doesn't do anything for me ... it's a waste of time ... what's the point.  Then I go to their Twitter feed to see WTF is up!!??  Why do they have such a bad taste in their mouth from Twitter?  And then I see why: 

>> If your Twitter feed is just a bunch of half sentences repeated from your Facebook page with ZERO images and not a lot of info ... <<

Guess what >> It won't do SH*T for your business.  So I say: Remove it.  Unless you are logging into Twitter and manually inserting a witty phrase and interesting link / photo into their darling 140 character limit you aren't using Twitter for what it was meant to be used for.  So remove your Facebook posts and here's how:

>> https://www.facebook.com/twitter/ <<

See all those accounts on the page above?  It will either give you the option to 'link to Twitter' << DON'T DO IT!!!! or 'unlink from Twitter' << DO IT!!!!!!!!

Am I crazy?  Am I giving you bad advice?  I really don't think I am!  I think that if you remove the crutch from Facebook or Instagram and actively LOG IN to Twitter each day to have a chat with someone or RT a post you really love or post something awesome you are working on you will SEE that Twitter is a f-ing fantastic tool and you will start to use it :)

Here is a post I wrote about why you shouldn't hide your Twitter page from people << LINK it, baby and show it off!!  

XO~ Heather