Working With These Badass Floral Designers ROCKED!!!

Rockrose Floral Design | Squarespace Website Designer
WE ARE SO EXCITED about our new site!!! We asked Heather to come up with a creative and fun design and she did not disappoint! We absolutely loved her ideas, her professionalism, her sense of humor through the design process (so important!), her quick response times, and her can-do attitude. Just a lovely experience all the way around. We would definitely recommend her again and again!
— Bree + Freddie, Rockrose Floral

When I flew down to Santa Barbara last Spring to stay with my good friend Lindsey of Magnolia Event Design I had the pleasure of working with and meeting these two:  Bree and Freddie of Rockrose Floral Design.  Aside from being hardworking, talented team players with a crazy rad eye for 'everything blooming' design they are also super cool people and I secretly hoped it wouldn't be the last time we worked together.

And, it wasn't!!!

A few months after my amazing SB trip I got a message from them to start chatting about what I could possibly do for their website ... 

This is the website that Rockrose Floral had BEFORE working with me:

website that needs to be redesigned

Now, I'll tell you the honest truth ... I never ever know what I'm going to do with someone's website until I start playing with the materials they send me.  I would call myself an intuitive web designer ... I like to sketch and play and mold as I'm designing.  I usually don't know what's going to come out of me ... and with Rockrose Floral it hit me right away that I wanted to to play with an edgy look that had a modern ish feel with a dash of vintage rock thrown in.  All the feels I got when I saw the incredible logo that Oak Orchid designed for them ... and then I got into it!

Below is the homepage I designed for Rockrose Floral:

Squarespace Website Design and Designer

I love so many things about the homepage ... in fact, when I sent it over to them for their input I was so in love with it that I stressed for almost an entire day hoping that they'd see what I saw and would love it too ... haha ... they had a few notes/tweaks that we took care of but for the most part we were golden!  BTW, my client Michelle Beller took all the main photos above ... are you dying yet!!???

Below is the portfolio landing page I created for these ladies ... and I am OBSESSED with it.  Each thumbnail plays with 3 colors that came out in the event or wedding they designed ... it's just a hint ... very subtle ... but adds to the personality of the page and gives visitors who tune into that a hint of what's to come when they click in.

Squarespace Website Designer | Rockrose Floral | Wedding Industry Experts

I would call this project a MAJOR SUCCESS story ... I can't wait to check in with Bree and Freddie in a few months to see how it's going ... what the feedback has been ... what do you think of it!!??

Go see the live and launched website here:

XO~ Heather