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While I was the editor of Style Unveiled there was something I was always very excited about:  a submission from Sapphire Events.  Sapphire Events is a New Orleans wedding planning firm and their weddings and styled shoots are some of the best out there.  They work with the best photographers, they dream up the best ideas, and they are the best when it comes to customer service.  When Valerie called me about optimizing their website I was beyond excited to work with them again through The Editor's Touch.

When Valerie hired me for gallery optimization and blog optimization there were a few things I did right away.  I made sure that every image had a 'job' aside from just looking GORGEOUS and I also made sure that the 'embedded text' within each image made sense for a client LOOKING for what Sapphire Events offers.  I wasn't planning to redesign their blog, but after some digging around in the old posts we decided that 'starting fresh' with an entirely new blog was best for their strategy and I approached them with the idea of replacing their 'scroll design' blog (and shown below):

website in need of being redesigned

... with a 'menu style' blog as you will see here: | Sapphire Events Blog Design | The Editor's Touch | Squarespace Website Designer

The menu style blog I created for them will support their UEO and also give visitors a faster 'idea' of all the pretty events and shoots that Sapphire Events creates without having to do the 'scroll and click through pages' dance which can be a little time consuming.  This blog style will also load faster for visitors - therefore decreasing frustration for visitors who don't have time to wait.

All in all I am so proud of the work I did for Sapphire Events and I can't wait to check back in a few months to see what kind of organic searches the optimization has helped create!

Valerie sent me this testimonial after working with me:

"Heather's expertise was critical for revamping my blog and website to optimize my SEO. When I realized my site had issues, I knew immediately I needed the Editor's Touch! I'm so glad I reached out to her when I did because within minutes she responded and we scheduled a call to discuss a diagnosis of my web issues. She got to work right away with a plan to repair what my website was lacking ... and within a week I noticed an increase in inquiries because of my visibility in search engines! I am so grateful for her help and expertise!"

XO~ Heather