Heather, Your Desk is So Clean and Well Styled!!!! Thanks! (wink, wink)

Styled Stock Photography on Etsy For Business Owners | The Editor's Touch | SC Stockshop

I kill all plants.  I sneeze just looking at a flower through a window.  I have kids jumping all over me while I try to work.  But my desk is GORGEOUS ... no, wait ... these things don't add up.  My desk ... hmmm, how shall I put this ... hasn't shown the 'actual desk part' in MONTHS ... my computer is the only thing that is visible and sometimes the pile on my desk blocks part of my computer screen .. and so I re-pile sh*t and just continue on working ... this is not the glorious life I want to portray online .. and so I buy styled photography from my favorite Etsy shop:

>> SC Stockshop <<

I looooooooove everything that Shay Cochrane produces and sells ... I want ALL OF IT ... and I sorta already have it ... a peek at some of my collection is below:

SC Stockshop Styled Photography on Etsy | The Editor's Touch

These images are what I created The Editor's Touch branding with ... and when it's time for me to rebrand, I'm sure I'll be using them again!  If you are looking for styled photography that is in focus and comes in high res downloads then you should shop here << trust me :)

XO~ Heather

Pssssst .... look at how gorgeous all my completed projects look in Shay's styled photography:

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