Making The Best Use Of Those Search Engine Gems!

Making The Best Use of Those SEO Gems | The Editor's Touch

Are you holding a search engine gem in your pocket??  And how will you know?  Let's discuss!

While SEO may be on its way out the door with the introduction of UEO it's not going to officially DIE-DIE ... it will become the walking dead and still roam the streets long after that term is dunzo ... because people will ALWAYS search online no matter what.  So make the best use out of those SEO gems when you have them!!

Search engine gems are things that only a handful of people know about, things that are brand new and have barely (if ever) been searched online before, or breaking news that just hit!  For instance, if there is a hot new wedding venue in town that you think will be a huge success you better get to blogging it and fast!!  Google (and all search engines) pay attention to the websites that get first dibs on a subject ... and caring means sharing .. and the item shared will be YOUR website or blog.  Fun, right??  It's like a little game ;)

And it doesn't have to be a venue ... it could be an idea that you haven't see done before ... a wedding installation idea that you dreamed up and used in a shoot ... it could be a new wedding professional in town that you are dying to introduce to your community of website visitors!  

I did this for one of my clients when a hot Palm Springs venue changed their name ... and I was quick to get on that sh*t ... so now when brides search Avalon Palm Springs wedding my client is on the top of page 2 and as more and more brides search that topic she will find more and more clients that way!!  YESSSSSSS!!!!!

So look for those gems!!  I know I do and it's so much fun when you start to see them working for you and your company!

XO~ Heather