Search The Editor's Touch Website!! OMG This Is Amazing!!!

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I have added a page to The Editor's Touch website that I am srsly freaking out over ... a *search the site* page!!  I had been holding back from adding a search bar to my website because I wanted to wait until I had enough content to support one ... and now the day is here :)  Search away, my lovelies!!!!!

Using the 'search topic' shown above you can find gems like this post about setting a realistic blogging schedule:

Type in the word 'Facebook' and you might find this awesome post about business Facebook pages:

If I've blogged about the subject you seek more information on then you will be able to find it!!!  SUPER EXCITED over here :)  It's linked up in the top navigation bar of this website so it's always easy to find!  Have fun!!

XO~ Heather

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