B-Bye Mini Website Design Package ... And Hello Semi-Custom!!!

Semi-Custom Website Design | The Editor's Touch

It feels weird to me that I have yet to post about my 2018 goals for The Editor's Touch ... I usually post something and it helps me hold myself accountable ... even if nobody reads it ;)  Hahahaha ... 2018 for The Editor's Touch is going to mean some MAJOR CHANGES ... one of the big ones??


I learned a lot in 2017 ... one of the big ones was that I really didn't value what I offer as much as I should have.  Lemme explain: when I decided to offer a mini website design package for $1800 my intentions were that it'd be used for businesses that were *just* starting out ... business owners with small or almost no portfolio who needed a beautiful online space while they built out their portfolio of work.  What actually ended up happening was that my mini website design was used as more of a 'let's save money' thing ... which I totally understand(!!!!) btw ... but because I am a crazy OCD perfectionist, I would end up doing just as much as I would for my full website design clients and near the end of 2017 I started really resenting it.


Feeling resentful can lead to horrid things ... and for me it did ... it darkened my spirit, it made me feel less creative, and it made me not want to design websites anymore.  Resentment and feeling angry is the worst thing for a creative (or anyone!!) to feel ... I noticed my 'care' and my 'passion' slipping away and I knew it was time to make some major changes.


2018 for me means I am finally launching my semi-custom website design packages and I am SO F*CKING EXCITED about it!!!  Clients will be able to choose between 5 different website styles (and I plan to offer more as the year goes on and as I see if this is something people love or not) and then personalize different aspects of the look with choices I will showcase in my 'demo websites' ... it will basically be a hybrid of 'templates' that I have designed and hiring me to image select, put everything together, and optimize ... oh, and that's another thing about 2018:


I was having a really hard time launching mini websites because they didn't come with image optimization ... and I feel like if a website just sits and looks pretty, but doesn't have a 'brain' behind the scenes working FOR MY CLIENTS then it's really only doing 'half' of the job ... so going forward I will be making sure EVERY SINGLE PHOTO on the websites I launch have a job and that they are doing that job :)

Anyway ... I am SUPER EXCITED .. hoping to launch the first 5 semi-custom website looks by Valentine's Day ... but that may be wishful thinking ... hahaha ... the top image is a sneak peek of one of the websites I will be offering which I am calling The Signature ... HUGE thank you to Mallory Dawn Photography for supplying me with images to use for the demo!

OH!  AND ...

I will still absolutely still be offering FULL CUSTOM website design ... those packages will also change and become slightly more affordable with 'tiers' for the galleries ... anyway, more on that coming soon!  Basically 2018 is going to be a FULL OVERHAUL of what I already offer and making it more streamlined and way easier for everyone to have a website that they love and feel confident about!  YAY!!!

XO~ Heather