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UEO is User Experience Optimization | The Editor's Touch

SEO is dead ... have you heard?  I have been hinting that this was coming on The Editor's Touch for a few months now ... and word on the street is: it's happened.  So: What does this mean for you??  Are we all SOL?

For the last 'however many years' the main goal for most people who own a website was SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION: get traffic, get searches, get clients to find you and HIRE you ... Google was it!  Google had final say ... but now that Google has changed their algorithm and flipped the f*cking house upside down with Panda 4.2 updates and all that jazz we have all been wearing our WTF faces :(

A new guy is in town and he goes by UEO or User Experience Optimization ... so what does this all mean??  Not a whole lot << Sorry to burst your bubble.  I personally feel that this has just been a natural shift over the last 7 ish years ... people are naturally shifting online just like we all naturally shift with our fashion, our tech savviness, and the way we like to receive information!  The way it will affect your business the most is with MOBILE OPTIMIZATION ... this is huge and you can't have a website that isn't mobile optimized these days: no excuses.

Brides and clients need to find you: YES.  The trick is being where they are ... and if brides aren't really on Google anymore, then traditional SEO tactics wouldn't help you anyway!  Change with the times ... roll with the punches ... follow the Panda 4.2 upgrade "rules" to be safe and then adapt to the new way ... During the years that I ran Style Unveiled I had to adapt and change MANY MANY times ... it's just the way sh*t goes!  New things come up ... I feel like it keeps me on my toes ;)

Remember when everything was print magazines??  Then the day of the blog blew up and we were all searching for wedding pretties online??  Things happen ... but if you are doing a good job of BEING OUT THERE, MARKETING YOURSELF, GETTING PUBLISHED, ADVERTISING ... then just keep on doing it!  

Keep your website mobile optimized, keep your images 'search friendly' with alt and image texting for Pinterest and Google image searches, keep your blog posts WORDY, keep up with your social media << and you will be good to go!  

XO~ Heather