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Separate Baby Photos and Wedding Photos

I realize that this post set a fire across the FB world of wedding photographers last week ... but for sh*ts and giggles, let's get beyond that and be friends again ;)  I have something I want to share with the photogs who still find this blog helpful ;)

>> Maybe Separate Your Wedding Stuff and Baby Stuff(?) <<

I understand that if you are a photographer, you may need or choose to extend beyond weddings ... which means possibly taking photos of cute and cuddly babies :)  And you should be!!  It's a great market and it gives you the opportunity to hold onto your clients beyond their wedding day << smart thinking!!  But, I just spent way too long on a photographer's blog clicking through every page to try and find their wedding content ... 3 pages in I was like "I'm outta here!!!" << it was too frustrating ... and I'm not against babies, but I went to this particular site to find wedding pretties.  This is not something you want to do to a bride who is searching for a wedding photographer.

I suggest making these two categories separate ... or at least giving your visitors the option of choosing between the two categories and making that decision IN THEIR FACE obvious on the top of your blog ... don't be shy about this!!  It could be something like this:


So, using my *VERY ROUGH* example above, these would be two separate (branded for your company) files side by side and each one would CLICK to the category you wanted them to view.  This way, you've given your readership 3 options:  1: they can choose to view all wedding pretties, 2: they can choose to cuddle up with your family and baby clicks, or 3: they can scroll below this TOP banner and just read your blog in the order it is displayed.  But at least you've given them options.  People like options ;)  Trust me.

You can even take this idea further and create 4 files side by side and have an engagements 'click' option and/or lifestyle ... my advice is that if you have a category drop down menu within your navigation, you may also want to reiterate it with a visual option.  If you don't like the idea of having something across the top of your blog, you can also utilize your sidebar and create visually appealing 'buttons' that can do the same thing.  

>> Heather, why do I have to have both?  My category drop down nav is working just fine!! <<

If you are a busy bee and your blog/website is working great!  Ignore me!! :)  Always an option to ignore any advice on this blog if you are happy with the way business is going ... but, keep in mind >> brides want to see WEDDING yummies!!  You have a small window to catch their attention on your site before they hightail it outta there!  So make that time count and remember:  there are visual people out there (I am one of them!) ... you want to appeal to them too :)

Looking for ways to best organize and use the tagging and categorizing options in your blog?  I wrote a post about this yesterday ^^

XO~ Heather