September Has Been Surprising ... A Little Bad and A Lot Good!

Reaching the 10K Following Mark on Instagram | The Editor's Touch

I have had a crazy month so far ... that's what happens when Mercury is in retrograde, right???  Luckily, an end it in sight, but I still have to say I have a love-hate thing going on with this month!

It started off with getting a spider bite that got so infected I had to go to urgent care ... turns out the little f*cker who bit me managed to make all my lymph-nodes go up in arms and I was out sick with flu-like symptoms for a full week!  ICK!  Talk about getting behind in my work!  I'm now in 'catch up' mode and I feel like no matter how quickly I dig, this 'being behind business' could last for a while ...

But then something amazing happened to me on Monday of this week and ever since then I feel like I've found new energy I never even thought existed!  The first thing was waking up to my friend Damaris, editor of Southern California Bride blog, giving me some major LOVE on her Instagram account:

^^ from that one post I got almost 30 followers immediately and it boosted my mood into a place that it hadn't been for a while.  

Then, that evening Jose Villa shared my website design for his sister Janet Villa across HIS Instagram account:

^^ his share pushed me into a number I was only dreaming about before ... the BIG 10K mark on my Instagram account!!!!!!!!

I sat in the dark for probably an hour with a cheesiest grin on my face.  Reaching 10,000 followers on Instagram has been a goal of mine FOREVER ... it always felt like an impossible dream and now that I'm there it's SO GOOD!!!!

Thank you Damaris and Jose for plugging me to your huge followings ... it means so much to me!!

Aside from all that amazingness that happened I received the following testimonial from a client today that nearly knocked me out of my chair:

Heather is effing fantastic. Seriously. Do not continue your search for a web designer because you have found her. My mind is blown how she was able to take the mess of crap I gave her and turn it into this beautiful thing in basically 5 seconds. If the world was filled with more people like her: creative, strong work ethic, and responsive, then we would have world peace. So for a kick ass website, a communicative designer and world peace, hire Heather.
— Danielle Rothweiler

If you are a small business owner then you know how easy it is to get stuck in your head ... or to go down the road of 'everything I do sucks' ... being sick this month has definitely sent me down a negative path.  It's hard enough to be a business owner and keep up with the day to day ... but getting behind by a FULL WEEK!?  It's such an awful feeling!  Receiving that testimonial revived my attitude and put me back on a good track ;)

Oh, and I'm about to launch this beauty below for a interior designer ... isn't it purdy!? | Interior Designer Website Design | Squarespace Website Designer | Heather Sharpe of The Editor's Touch

Want to work together!??  I'd LOVE it!!  I am taking 2 more clients in March ... so let's connect and see if we're a good fit!

XO~ Heather

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