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Every morning I stumble out of bed, start my coffee, and jump in the shower to attempt to wake up and start the day.  Some nights I get less than 4 hours of sleep because my kids decided they'd join my husband and I in our 'too small for four people' bed ... and some nights I get less than 4 hours of sleep because I am up 'thinking about stuff' ... either way:  a new day is starting.

If I have something on my mind I love to write about it.  Writing is therapeutic for me and I love the feeling of my thoughts being shot through my fingertips as I type.  I love seeing the words fill a page on this blog and I love being able to hit 'save and publish' at the end of it all.  This is my world ... writing (whether it be good or bad) is one of the things I enjoy.

Now this blog is attached to my business:  The Editor's Touch ... some would argue (and have) that I share too much personal sh*t on this blog and that I need to tone it down a few paces ... only share the positive business stuff and leave out the crap.  I have weighed both sides many times.  Here are my arguments:

Not Sharing Any of the Negative Sh*t

I have lots of interesting tips that I share on The Editor's Touch ... I love to share my experiences from being a wedding blogger and tips and tricks for social media ... weird stuff like making sure you are using the correct form of 'peek' and 'stationery' << cuz when you don't it's super annoying ... this blog could easily be filled with all positive yummies for people who want to smile and learn.  I could only celebrate and show off my knowledge and hope that the readers that come here enjoy it and keep coming back.

Sharing it All and Not Holding Back

In my opinion running a business is one of the most stressful and scary things a person can do.  Your income isn't dependable unless you keep on kicking ass and you have to worry about the competition ... you are constantly having to rise above and be better than your last idea and that pressure, while awesome sometimes, is a lot to deal with 100% of the time.  There are super awesome highs that make you sore even higher - and there are super low lows that can suck you in and take you with them ... these moments are terrifying and I feel like if I am sharing them here on The Editor's Touch I might be connecting with a reader who is going through the same thing.  If I am able to connect with a reader while sharing my personal sh*t story then maybe they will feel better about their current situation.

But, Heather - You May Be Turning Away Potential Clients With Your Sob Stories!!

Yes.  That is 100% true .. but isn't that good??  Hear me out:  this blog is 100% me.  Me in the buff.  If a potential client comes to this blog because they've seen my work and want to find out more, read my posts and realize they can't stand me - we both just dodged a bullet IMO!!  Since I am 'me' 100% of the time on this blog people are really getting a 'window in' to my personality ... and if they can't handle me in the blog: then they definitely shouldn't hire me.  Now you may say:  Heather, that is my point:  don't you want clients?  Isn't making money one of your goals??  Well, yeah!  But here's what I've learned about those situations - the situations when I take a client who really isn't a good fit for me:  it backfires.  Those clients, who aren't a good match for me, end up being my trouble clients - the negative stories up on this blog.  I want people to hire me who 'get me' ... who get what I'm about ... who like this blog and who appreciate what I bring to the table.  Right??

Feel free to comment below and tell me what you think of the negative stories on this blog ... I'm always open to feedback :)

XO~ Heather

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