Let's Celebrate!!!! Website Launch Party for Shawna Yamamoto Event Design!

Website Design | Shawna Yamamoto
Heather understood our vision before I did. She understood the overall goals of our website immediately. She infused our artistic flare into the layout and made it look exactly the way we wanted it to look like!!
— Shawna Yamamoto

When I was editor of my wedding blog (Style Unveiled) I had my favorites ... the 'dream team' of wedding professionals whose work I drooled over ... Shawna Yamamoto Event Design was ON TOP of that list ... her designs, installations, florals, and events / weddings were so luxe and dreamy and truly a wedding blog editor's dream to feature.

Fast forward to a few months ago ... I get an email from Rayce PR ... ANOTHER company I have always looked up to ... Rhonda and her team told me that they have been following my work and LOVE it ... obviously, I about died ... then they told me that they wanted to see if I'd be a fit to design a website for Shawna Yamamoto ... and then, I actually did die a little bit ... 


When Rayce PR and Shawna Yamamoto hired me the website they had at the time looked like this:

website that needs to be redesigned

I was SO excited to dive in and really immerse myself in Shawna's brand and what they valued ... what they wanted out of a website ... and how they felt their audience would want to interact with the new website and the content.

One thing I knew about Shawna was that she was a true artist ... as I was playing around with some ideas I kept coming back to a 'swish' ... like an artist's paint brush would make ... I added some gold specs to the design and finally settled on this look to present Shawna's team and Rayce PR with:

Squarespace Website Designer for Wedding Industry Professionals | The Editor's Touch

Obviously it was a hit ... because we launched the website I designed and it's up now!!!  Here it is on an ipad:

Website Designer For Wedding Professionals and Creatives

This was a dream job and I absolutely loved designing for a floral and event design company I love so much!! 

A HUGE thank you to Rhonda and the team at Rayce PR for noticing my work and introducing me to Shawna ... I hope we work together again soon!!

Visit the live website here >>  https://www.shawnayamamoto.com/

XO~ Heather