My 4 Favorite Instagram Apps for People Who Aren't Trying to Pretend they Are Photographers

4 Apps for Instagram You Gotta Get! | The Editor's Touch

There are a lot of Instagram apps out there who make you look like you are a fancy pants photographer ... adjusting the light and the angle and darkening this and softening that ... and while those are great for some it's just not my bag.  I do however want to discuss 4 Instagram apps that I love and feel that everyone should at least download to have in their back pocket.

>> Repost for Instagram <<

While I am certainly guilty of reposting an image on IG from another user's feed with just a text credit, I try as much as possible to always use Repost for this ... reason being: the credit comes WITH the image and I feel like it's more respectful to the original post.  It's super easy to use ... you basically just find the image you want to repost to your feed (it gives you options: so if you already liked that image on IG you can filter by images you liked in Repost) ... open it in Repost and then it will ask you if you want to open it with Instagram.  The other cool part is it will quote the original post too!  So you can write you own intro blurb about why you are reposting and then the text from the first post will be reiterated down below.

Repost App for Instagram

>> Afterlight <<

Do you ever go to someone's Instagram page and see a lot of vertical images instead of squares and wonder 'how the heck did they do that!!??' ... ?  That is the app Afterlight (and I am sure there other other ones, but I personally love this one).  This app is great for when you want to share a professionally shot image of your work that a photographer sent you because it's respectful not to crop their image unless you've been given permission to do so.  Afterlights does other fancy things, but what I use it for the most is cropping my images that I take or framing a vertical or 'not so square' image before opening it and posting to my IG feed.  It's f*cking fantastic stuff.

Afterlight App

>> Pic Stitch <<

I love Pic Stitch when I need to make a collage I want to post to Instagram.  It's super easy to use and if you aren't trying to get cheesy with colored backgrounds and weird shapes it really does give you IG feed a clean and organized feel.  I typically don't use collages that incorporate more than 4 images together, but they do have templates that go up to 12 image collages!  It's a great app to download and plays nicely with your photo albums, Facebook, Instagram, and more!

Pic Stitch Collage App | Instagram Apps To Get

>> Dropbox <<

If you have a free Dropbox account, this might make you want to pay for the pro version of Dropbox ... the app Dropbox offers is AMAZING!!!  I use it multiple times a day.  If you like to take screenshots of things you are working on to post sneak peeks to your social media feeds, this app makes it SO easy!!  If you sync everything up from your computer to your phone with this app you can take a desktop screenshot and then it automatically goes into your 'screenshots' folder on your phone!  It's genius!!  Of course, you can also access any of your folders for easy sharing for any image that you keep in your Dropbox.  It's worth every penny IMO.

Dropbox App

So there you have it.  Are there a million more incredible apps that kick ass for Instagram!?  Heck yeah!!  I don't know everything ... I just know what I typically use each and every day and I know what doesn't require a lot of 'know how' and trickery ... I like this easy when it comes to wanting to post something online .... and these 4 make it super easy :)

XO~ Heather