Getting My Sexy On For Smoke + Mirrors Fitness!

For anyone who knows me, I get super excited about creating pretty things. From making pretty shapes on the pole, decorating our cute studio, to making faces feel prettier as a makeup artist. When I was referred to Heather by our mutual friend Darla from Darla Marie Designs, I took one look at her style and was sold! Clean, classy and so pretty!
Heather has been a pleasure to work with, so professional and patient. She went above and beyond with the whimsical concept we started with and I couldn’t be more pleased. I hope you all love our new look as much as I do!
— Stacey Gamble, Smoke & Mirrors Fitness

I love this project launch for sooooooooo many reasons!!!!!!!

  1. I got to work with Darla of Darla Marie Designs who created the amazing logo for Smoke and Mirrors Fitness
  2. I was able to reach into an outlet I rarely do and tap into my 'sexy side' ... focusing on pole dancing and aerial fitness ... SO COOL!!!
  3. I got to work with Stacey who is incredibly sweet and made this process so fun for me!

Ok, let's talk about #1 ... Darla.  Dude, look at this amazing logo she created!!!


Love the colors ... love the 'mirror play' with the R's ... SO SO SO SO BRILLIANT!!!!!!  Love you, Darla!!!  If you are wanting a new logo designed for your company then definitely chat with Darla ... she is so sweet and so good at what she does.

Moving onto #2 ... I loved dreaming up the perfect 'website voice' for Smoke and Mirrors Fitness ... I wanted to create something that felt like it was 'moving' the way the incredible instructors do at this studio ... using a 'tilted' design and some fun boxes for the buttons the look was achieved ... and I'm super obsessed with it:


Last, but not least, #3 ... if you are in the Orange County area and are looking to get in shape or just be around someone who is AWESOME and will motivate you to try something you've never tried ... definitely give Stacey's Santa Ana pole dancing and aerial fitness studio a jingle and take a class ... this girl is amazing and so much fun to chat with!!

Check out the live website here >>

XO~ Heather