Social Media Daily Checklist

Social Media Daily Checklist

The more consistent and habit based you are in your social media, the better the results.  Your clients want to know that you are a functioning business so follow these steps below to avoid looking like you’re ignoring key areas of your company's online reach!

All of these ideas are tasks that a social media manager can do for your company.  I wrote a post about what a social media manager is << at that link.

>> Facebook For Business <<

  • as your business page 'like' two other business pages of other wedding pros you have recently worked with
  • as your business page, comment on two other status updates or posts.  Don’t spam them with your own links.  Be genuine and engaging.
  • post an image or blog post and tag in participating vendors
  • instead of posting a link, post multiple images and include the link in the description of each image.  Facebook appears to distribute this type of post to a wider audience
  • schedule a Facebook post for a time you know you won’t be actively posting to Facebook 

>> Twitter <<

  • retweet one useful or inspiring post on your Twitter feed that is not from your own site or blog
  • follow two people who inspire you
  • reply to tweets and participate in a conversation
  • search your business name and retweet or respond to tweets that may not have included your @twitter handle properly
  • twitter a link to an older blog post or feature and @ in a participating vendor

>> Pinterest <<

  • search your name on Pinterest, and repin any of your work
  • thank Pinners who have written nice comments on your Pins
  • Pin three images of your work and tag in contributing vendors
  • check to see if your work is being pinned by going to this url:

>> Instagram <<

  • post one 'behind the scenes' image of something you are working on - remember you can take a few images at a wedding or during setup to post later
  • comment on two images in your newsfeed
  • use hashtags - but don't use too many ;)
  • search hashtags that match your brand/message and go through and comment and 'like' on some of the images you find appealing

This checklist doesn't have to be done EVERY day ... but it's a great starting point and a good page to bookmark and return to when you find time on your hands to apply to your social media pages :)

XO~ Heather