This Post Needs A Refresh!!! Social Media << Use It To Remind People That You Exist!

I was recently hired to run the Instagram feed of a company who has seen a loss in their orders and wanted a strategy to create buzz again.  My instant answer (in addition to everything else we will do to make this company current again) was: USE INSTAGRAM.  Like a lot of companies, this one didn't feel they had time to Instagram as often as I recommended ... and so a few days ago I took the reigns and have been so excited to see what's happening with their following and engagement on social media!

For social media to really work well you should be designing a strategy for it ... I recently came up with my own IG strategy for The Editor's Touch and I have been excited to see how it works out ... stay tuned, because if it works well I will share what I did on this blog ;)

So, time for a refresh on this post about using social media to build your business ... it's a good read!

You can also check out my theory about Instagram and what I think is just around the corner ... 

XO~ Heather