I Purchased 3 Sponsored Instagram Posts During The Same Week and Here's What Happened:

Because of my background as a wedding blog editor who earned my income from ad sales, I deeply respect advertising outlets.  I not only believe that they work, but I believe that if you formulate a STRATEGY for your advertising it can give you a great ROI.

This week I offered a Cyber Monday deal and wanted to take advantage of the amazing platforms out there to spread word of my offer.  I knew a couple of things right away:

  1. I wanted to connect with people who may not know I exist
  2. I wanted to create traffic to my blog post about my Cyber Monday offer
  3. I wanted to spread brand recognition for The Editor's Touch

My main goals were NOT to make sales.  Weird, yes???  My attitude towards advertising is NOT focused on directly linking an ad I purchase with a sale.  My goal with all ads that I purchase is to flood my brand as much as I can in a short time span so that I appear to be EVERYWHERE.  I want to keep reminding people I am around and that is why I purchased these ads to be posted in the SAME WEEK.

The platforms I chose to represent me were:  Wedding Chicks, Southern California Bride, and Every Last Detail.  I chose these 3 all for different reasons:

  1. I chose Wedding Chicks because they have a massive following on Instagram and I wanted to gain new followers - within 5 minutes of their post going live I had gained 50+ new followers
  2. I chose Southern California Bride because a lot of my following and clients are based in SoCal and most of them already know of me - so this was another friendly reminder that I'm here and available when they are ready to redesign their website - within an hour of this post going live I had 6 form submissions come in with interest for my services and each one specified they had found me on Instagram
  3. I chose Every Last Detail because she has a very close relationship with her following and they trust her - she makes things very personal and has a lot of respect in this industry and I like aligning my brand with that - this post went live just a few hours ago and I received 4 submission forms already since it went live

Are there more reasons I chose these outlets?  Yes, but STRATEGY SPEAKING ^^ those were the main reasons for me.

I ran the Wedding Chicks post on Monday because I wanted to boost my following early in the week.  I followed up quickly on Tuesday with the Instagram post on Southern California Bride and a few hours ago my post with Every Last Detail went up on IG.

It's important not to have the attitude of:  unless I am given money because of an ad it did NOTHING for me.  I feel so happy about these ads and whether or not they directly bring me money, I have gained A LOT from doing this.  It ended up costing $1,000 for all 3 and I'm excited to see how the next week after all this exposure goes for my business.

Below is a screenshot of my analytics for who referred me traffic.  The left shows just this week and the right shows the entire month.  You can see that these ads sent me the bulk of my traffic from Instagram:  260 referrals from IG in the last 30 days - but 128 of those were from THIS WEEK.

I am excited about what has come from these 3 ads.  I definitely recommend doing something similar to what I did rather than only depend on one platform to get you results.  When they are spread out over just a few days it has the possibility of hitting the same people  multiple times and that is what you want out of an ad :)

Also, it's important to SUPPORT the ads your purchase!  I supported mine by reposting each IG after they went live, commenting on the string and being an active participant, blogging about my offer and making sure any interest from the ads could come to my site and see the same 'brand' they had just seen on Instagram.  The more involved you are with your advertising outlets, the more they will work FOR YOU!

XO~ Heather