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Happy Saturday!!  I wanted to let my audience know that I have 2 weeks left for website design projects in January.  I realize most of you are thinking: JANUARY???  And??  I can't wait that long!!  It does sound like a long time from now ... but my clients are SO happy after their website launches ... and it's all done in ONE WEEK.  14 of the 21 websites shown above were all designed in 7 days and those websites are not missing anything.  They are strong, optimized, beautiful and  most of all:  they are getting results for these business owners.

I had a client send me an email this morning stating that the confidence she now feels is higher than ever before - she feels like she can go and take on the world and kick butt in her 'good ass jeans' and I love hearing that!  Confidence is EVERYTHING when it comes to business ... I honestly believe that.  A beautiful website can boost confidence like nothing else!!

Want to talk about how I do it?  What I charge?  The payment plan I offer??  Let's do it!

XO~ Heather

Pssssst ... below are a few of my reviews from real clients:

We have been following Heather since her days as the editor of Style Unveiled. We always loved her work and I am now a loyal follower of her blog. Her sense of style and humor come through on everything she does!

But back to us :) We knew we wanted to update our website well over a year ago and we contacted Heather back then. But as many small business owners know we were juggling budgets and time constraints and we couldn’t pull the trigger. But we kept watching her work and her path kept crossing with ours. Finally we released our fear and pulled the trigger! We were so excited when it was our turn to have her work her magic. And that is what it seems like when you work with Heather: MAGIC.

She makes everything bright and shiny, beautiful and cohesive. Pictures that I have looked at a thousand times just look more beautiful. The site flows so well now that you never feel like you are stuck.

To say we are thrilled is an understatement! We are *%$! OVER THE MOON happy!

Put your name on Heather’s list now!!!
I’m extremely picky when choosing a person to work with, especially when they have access to my business and files. I’ve been working with Heather for a while now, even prior to her starting this business. The number one reason why I consider her my “public relations person” is her character, drive, and integrity. Even before this business, when I worked with her from her publishing days, she always was fair and honored her word. Even when mistakes were made out of her control, she did everything she could to satisfy me keep me as a customer. Her service has always been number one for me. And now, she’s over-exceeded our expectations and continues to provide over the top service and knowledge.

I highly recommend her. She’s tough, and “hard-ass” because she knows more than we do about what she does and requires certain things to help you succeed and grow. In other words, she cares more about our business than she does her profit. And that’s what I like. She knows this industry and what we need to succeed. Use her for sure!
Heather Sharpe is a web design dynamo! She is passionate about web design, the event industry and her clients. I felt comfortable for the first time ever, discussing web design terms (or lack thereof) and felt as though I had the ability to give limited input and ideas and step away knowing that she knew about the industry that I work in and therefore she didn’t need me to micromanage what a bride would see or be looking for. I looked forward to our website chats and went from being fearful of touching or editing my website to being empowered and educated. Heather worked night and day to make sure that I loved my site. Heather doesn’t settle for good, she wants great! I am so grateful that I had Heather and The Editor’s Touch on Magnolia Event Design’s website redesign - it was a great business decision and I am so happy with the outcome.

Hiring Heather Sharpe and The Editors Touch was by far the smartest and best business decision I have ever made! Hiring Heather is like hiring the brain of a bride and the brain of the quiet web geek who codes in the back of the advanced statistics class, for fun ... and then you put those qualities inside this dynamo of a badass blonde bombshell and BAM - sit back and wait for the magic to be created! Heather is the event industry’s most sought after website designer. Her work speaks for itself and her passion comes through the pages and jumps off the screen to capture your viewers and bring them in.
We’ve been in business 10 years this year and this was the first time we have trusted someone to touch our site, completely without guidance and with full trust in the end result. Not only was the process easy, but she is fast and damn does she know what she’s doing! I can say we gave little to no direction and the finished result is easy to navigate and clean, but classic and sophisticated. I would highly recommend Heather for a face lift on your site, especially if you’re in the wedding industry. She has years of experience in blogging and working with wedding professionals that gives her an inside track on what sells and what will sell your business. This is of course, not to mention all of the coding, seo, etc (all stuff i don’t know how to do!), that makes the site searchable, pinnable yumminess. So go book her. She’s busy and filling fast, and rightfully so!
Heather has a true talent for design and her websites are a credit to her success. I searched for weeks trying to find the perfect website designer for me and as soon as I saw The Editor’s Touch I knew it was perfect for me!! She has incredible ideas and works incredibly hard to get your website done as quickly as possible. I am so thankful Heather designed me the masterpiece that she has put together because I absolutely love it and I am so excited to share it with the world. Thank you so much Heather - you are such a lovely person and your work is some of the best I have seen worldwide!! xox
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