Wedding Pros and Creatives, We Gotta Talk About These Two Words...

The Editor's Touch | Spelling Peek and Stationery Correctly

I promise I didn't wake up today and think to myself: let's be as bitchy as we can on The Editor's Touch blog ... really, I didn't.  But, I am in a 'mood' today and there are two things I just need to get off my chest ... two things I feel will help the wedding industry as a whole to feel just a little more confident and a little bit better ... in fact, it's most likely possible you don't even know you have fallen victim to one or both of these ... here is the first one:

Stationary: staying still, not moving

Stationery: paper goods, invitations, etc

I see ALL THE TIME wedding pros (even stationery designers) spelling the word they want to mean as paper goods with an A instead of an E ... and while I try not to judge ... (clears throat) .... sometimes it just happens.  We gotta get this right ... if not only so that the wedding industry looks like we have our sh*t together and we know what we're talking about!  I know that spelling is not everyone's strong suit and that's totally ok!!!  But: if this is your 'thing' and you are a professional, we gotta learn this and get it right :)  Just like doctors who have to learn to spell those words with like a gagillion letters in them when they could just say 'arm bone' ... it's sorta like that ;)  This is our world, let's do it right.

ok ... moving right along to the second one:

Peak: the highest point, when something reaches the top

Peek: to peer or look in secretly or with special permission

One of my favorite things to do is share sneak peeks with my audience ... I loved it as a wedding blog editor and I love it now!  It's fun!  However I often see wedding blog editors and wedding pros who write that they are sharing a sneak peAk ... and honestly I don't even know what that is ;)  Drives me nutso!!!  Again, not judging ... I actually have a fun way to remember how to spell the word PEEK when you mean to share a sneak peek ...

Trick For Remembering How to Spell Peek | The Editor's Touch

Don't the two e's look like little eyes PEEKING out!? LOL!  I know, I am a total dork ...

Bottom line is we are all small business owners and our focus is pretty things ... those two things combined make it even harder for people to take us srsly ... the minute they find a reason to call us 'not so smart' they will ... and we ARE smart!!  We have taken control of our own destiny, created our own businesses, and we are creative minds who make PRETTY things!!  This is good stuff!!  But if we could just get a handle on these two words (and if you've got more please mention them in the comments below so we can all learn a thing or two!!) it would be awesome :)

XO~ Heather