Stop Having Political Battles On Facebook! ? But I Give A Sh*t!!!!!

Talking about politics on Facebook as a business owner | Business Advice For Wedding and Event Professionals

Before I begin, didja see up top ^^ ???  I have a new logo!!  SO excited!  Pier 9 Design made it for me and I loooooooooooove it!!!  Soon I'm going to redesign this website to support the new branding!  It's gonna be awesome! :)

So, Facebook .... fun, right??  All the super positive posts and the sharing of 'cat videos' and the 'I bought too much at Target' gifs ... cupcakes and rainbows is all I see in my feed << oh wait, those were the days BEFORE this sh*tshow of an election ... now it's just an endless blackhole filled with angry and scared people .... hmmmm ...

Now, if you're like me you are probably "friends" with lots of industry people ... I have over 2,000 FB "friends" and I have probably actually met about 50 of them in real life.  Those 2,000 ish people are from all over and have all sorts of backgrounds, religious beliefs, and political opinions ... and they don't all sync up with mine.  Now, if this blog is any sort of a hint, I'm not exactly a 'hush and keep quiet' girl ... I'm loud, sometimes obnoxious, and I share my opinions and thoughts << HOW DARE SHE!!!!!!!!  This includes FB.

Some might argue that being vocal about Trump and his decisions in such a public place (like FB) is a bad business decision ... that I am sending out a signal to people of my strong opinions and that I could be turning people off.  To that I say:


This is not a 'normal' thing we as a country are going through ... I feel like I can safely say this is a first for me and probably many ... but I do see how being SO VOCAL in a place that many wedding and event industry professionals troll is dangerous.  Here's why:

It immediately makes people who don't agree with you uncomfortable - which could lead to less referrals from other business owners to their clients

Now, I'm not saying I'm going to go as far as to NOT share my opinion on Facebook anymore << that would be ludicrous ... lol ... but it is something to consider if you get a majority of referrals from other wedding professionals.

Do I mean run scared and keep quiet??  Gawd, no!!!  But if you are suffering because of the stress, anxiety and overall DIVIDE this new POTUS is creating then the last thing you need is for your business to suffer as well ... 

XO~ Heather

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