Do You Undermine The Professionals You Work With? If So: F*cking Stop That Sh*t

Do You Undermine Other Professionals That You Work With | Stop It

Have you ever been undermined by another professional? Is it the most annoying and infuriating thing ever!!?? Yeah, it is.

If You Are A Professional Who Undermines Other Professionals To Clients You Share … Stop It Right Now

The only reason another professional would talk sh*t about other professionals to their clients is because they are f*cking assholes. Yeah, there is NO OTHER REASON. If you are a business owner who doesn’t like the way another professional is handling their business for an event or wedding and you go directly to the client and TALK about them to that paying client - you are being a dick. Period.

What Is Undermining and What Are Some Examples?

I’m so glad you asked … to undermine someone is to sabotage or weaken someone else's efforts … I’ve been undermined a few times and it usually comes from another professional who is closer to my client than I am … so, they have that ‘friendship’ happening … it’s the most irritating thing when another professional thinks they know more about designing websites than I do - when they AREN’T WEBSITE DESIGNERS!!! I always wonder if the people who do that are hoping to one day be website designers(???) so they are trying to ‘pretend’ in a safe space … here’s what I always want to ask when this happens:


Why do so many people forget about this fun little game?? If the following dialogue happened more, I think less sh*tty stuff would happen:

Person To Themself: I am doing something not very nice.

Person Answering To Their Self: Yeah, why am I doing this again?

Person To Themself: Insecurity?

Person Answering To Their Self: That sounds about right …

Person To Themself: I wouldn’t like this if someone did this to me …

Person Answering To Their Self: Yeah, let’s stop.

Person To Themself: Ok, sounds good.

Your Client Hired People For A Reason - And Those People Have A Right To Handle Their Business On Their Own

If you have an issue with something they are doing - or better yet, a question about their strategy: f*cking ask them directly about it!!!!!!!! Going to the client to make suggestions about how someone else’s job or work could be better just makes the other professional look like they don’t know what they are doing … when it’s more likely that they have another idea, or have learned through experience that something else works better … this is an opportunity for YOU TO LEARN … going to the other professional with your questions earns you respect in my book … going to the client to ‘chit chat’ and ‘discuss’ another person’s job … well, like I said, it’s dickish.

Stop doing it.

Heather, There Are Professionals Who Don’t Know What They Are Doing And Make My Job Very Hard - My Client Comes To Me And Asks Me What To Do!!

You can still take the highroad here. When your client approaches you with an opportunity to talk sh*t about another professional and to start undermining them … instead of doing ^^ that .. do this:

Huh, that is interesting … I will give them a call so we can discuss the plan … either they know something I don’t and it’s going to be great … or we need to rework something and figure it out together … be in touch soon!

… then …. you call that other professional directly. Easy peasy. Talking badly about anyone with a client is never a good idea … whether you are friends or not … it just looks gross.

XO~ Heather

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