These Wedding Pros Had Me Clicking for More When I Opened Their Website Homepages | Let's Talk About the Reasons!

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If I was asked how many wedding professional websites I've clicked into the last 8 years, I would have ZERO clue (maybe millions??) ... if you asked me how many BAD wedding pro websites I've clicked into the last 8 years I would probably say that 65% of them needed updates ... I thought I'd take each portion of a website and show you some rocking examples of REAL ones out there in our amazing industry so you can see what I think makes a website worth clicking around on.  Let's start with the homepage ... since it's most likely the first page your *hopeful* clients will catch a glimpse of!

>> Found Vintage Rentals <<

Found Vintage Rentals, a company specializing in vintage rentals in California, knows exactly what their clientele would be looking for and it is front and center:  what do we offer.  Aside from the fact that the colors work brilliantly together and everything is current, the layout and user friendliness of this page is what really grabs me.  This one page has EVERYTHING I would need to go exactly where I want to go:  social media links/buttons, a clear contact page, a search bar for quick reference, and all the other navigation links are clear without being confusing.  If I was a bride looking for rentals, I wouldn't have one bit of confusion if I happened onto this site and would definitely want to click around for more!

>> Michelle Amarillo Event Planning <<

Michelle Amarillo Event planning, a Virginia wedding and event planning company, really blew me away with their homepage design.  The second I opened up their site I wanted to see MORE ... I wanted to click and open stuff ... I wanted to scroll down and up and across ... I was smitten right away!  If you are a wedding coordinator or even designer you want to do that to a bride visiting your site ... but there is a fine line between CLUTTER and a WELL THOUGHT OUT PLAN.  When you are considering what type of website design you want it's a good idea to remember what YOU as a visitor love and don't love ... what websites confuse the sh*t out of you?  Why are they confusing?  Make a list of these 'website don'ts' and try not to do them.

>> Laura Hooper Calligraphy <<

If your website has a shop built in, like Laura Hooper Calligraphy does, your #1 goal should be to get clients into your shop pages.  Nobody does this better than Laura Hooper Calligraphy ... the images are the main event on her homepage and there is a call to action on each image that is showcased.  If I happen across this website, I'm probably in the market for wedding and event pretties and there will be no confusion as to where I should 'click' to find them on this homepage.  Clearly this site is well branded and sticks to a color palette that isn't too trendy and appeals to most audiences.  A home run for sure!!

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XO~ Heather