The Art Of Styling The Perfect Lay Flat

The Art Of Styling The Perfect Lay Flat | Wedding Planner Workshops by LVL Academy | Lorely Meza Photography

I haven't been very HUSH HUSH on how I feel about the incredible wedding planner workshop that LVL Academy puts on ... honestly, if you are a wedding professional, you need to be taking their workshop!!  And if you missed their June week, don't you worry your pretty little head ... they have another workshop coming up in:


I am always so impressed to see that the ladies of LVL Weddings and their speakers really WANT YOU to better your business ... to GROW ... to SUCCEED ... it's not about 'hinting' about how you can or should do things ... it's:


For instance, at this last in person wedding workshop that happened the first week of June, they taught their attendees how to:


This is a skill that EVERY wedding and event professional needs to master and there's a lot more to it than just looking at photos that are online and attempting to recreate the look ... Lindsay Longacre and Heather Hoesch, along with their speakers, will tell you their inside secrets on how and why they choose certain 'items' to style their lay flats and why they are the BEST at what they do ... and most importantly, how they became the best.

Just look at a few of the lay flats their students styled at the last LVL Academy workshop ... photographed beautifully by Lorely Meza using Minted Weddings stationery:

I asked Lindsay to share with me a little about their workshop and this is what she said:

"It’s not just about the education piece it seems more than anything the students come in alone and walk out with a tribe. 

Some people I’ve talked to tend to think if they have experience or have been doing weddings for a long time they don’t need this training and it couldn’t be farther from the truth.  We are believers that no matter how much experience you have it is imperative to continue your education in order to be successful. 

We had students fly in from France and Vancouver so it’s exciting that we are reaching outside of the US."

I truly believe that workshops are the new form of advertising ... If you can invest in YOURSELF and learn amazing tools, grow relationships, and increase your confidence as a business owner ... well, then you might just find yourself with a badass business that is unstoppable ... just like the killer team of LVL Weddings :)

XO~ Heather