If You Don't Want Them Featured Then Don't Send Them ... It's As Easy As That!

If You Don't Want Them Featured Then Don't Send Them ... It's As Easy As That! | The Editor's Touch

Photographers, Designers, Coordinators, Florists ... a question:  Why do you submit images you don't want published???  Those of you staring blankly at me while giving me an eye-roll, this happens ... A LOT.  Here's the story:

You are DYING to be published on XYZ Blog ... you race to their submission page, do all the 'stuff' they require, grab all the images in the folder and BOOM(!!!!) hit submit.  Then, you go to your inbox hitting 'refresh' for the next 10 days until you see IT.  The email confirming that 'Congratulations!!!  Your work has been approved for a feature!' and you are crazy happy!!  YAY!!!  The day of the feature arrives ... you scan the feature to see how you were credited and what photos the blog editor chose.  Then: you decide there are at least 1-5 images they chose that you feel could have been selected better.  After that you draft an email to the blog editor asking if they could 'pretty please with sugar' replace image A with image B.

^^ have you done this??  Don't lie ;)  Here's the thing ... 1.  None of their readers are over-analyzing images like you are (they are just enjoying the pretty inspo) 2.  You submitted this image to the blog editor and they worked hard to get the feature up and live (these features don't just miraculously appear on a page) 3.  YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO SUBMIT THE IMAGES YOU DON'T FEEL BEST REPRESENT YOU << and there it is.

Look, I realize a lot of blog editors ask for lots of images for a submission ... which means you probably have to submit a few you aren't super crazy about ... but don't submit a hideous photo or a detail you don't stand behind if you truly don't want it out there in the world with your name behind it.  If you are a few images short then simply tell the blog editor in your submission:  Dear Amazing, Fabulous, Queen of the World Editor, I know you asked for 80 images and I only submitted 70 - but I wanted to make sure I submitted the strongest images we have and I feel this 70 is a great representation of this wedding/styled shoot. << end of story.  If a blog editor gets her panties in a twist over that, then maybe it's not the best place to submit!???

Also, and I can't stress this enough, NOBODY IS PICKING YOU APART on a wedding blog ... like, nobody.  They aren't stopping to analyze each image like you would ;)  Sorry to be the one to tell you.

XO~ Heather