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This Post Needs A Refresh!!! Social Media << Use It To Remind People That You Exist!

I was recently hired to run the Instagram feed of a company who has seen a loss in their orders and wanted a strategy to create buzz again.  My instant answer (in addition to everything else we will do to make this company current again) was: USE INSTAGRAM.  Like a lot of companies, this one didn't feel they had time to Instagram as often as I recommended ... and so a few days ago I took the reigns and have been so excited to see what's happening with their following and engagement on social media!

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Instagram: My Advice?? Grow Followers While They Still Make It Easy!! Like, NOW!!

If you've been on any social media platform for business then you know there is a sad trend ... they'll take it away from you without a single warning that it's coming.  You may recall the days when Facebook business pages showed your posts to your 'likers' ... and then one day they didn't.  Or when Pinterest decided that all those followers you grew by yourself didn't matter anymore and they took away the ability for your followers to see your Pins ... Scary sh*t.  This is something we all need to learn from ... because it's my theory that we are just a few 'blinks' away from this happening on Instagram.  Yikes.

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Using Twitter For Your Business | Tweet Me and I'll Tweet You Back!

When I joined Twitter in 2008 (I believe it was still in beta at that time) it was all about the conversation ... and people would TWEET BACK!!  Crazy, right??  I remember when Amy of Wedding Chicks was sitting in an airport somewhere and we were having a full on Twitter conversation about her trip and how crazy the travel had been ... Do people do this anymore?  I know I try to!!

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