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My Personal Experience with Bittersweet Designs and Their Eucalyptus Squarespace Template

Have you heard of the incredible company Bittersweet Designs??  They are a company who provides photographers with unique marketing materials and Photoshop templates so they can expand their business brand and grow their business in a stylish way.  I want pretty much every single one of their products and I'm not even a photographer!!  Yesterday they announced the release of the newest Squarespace template they designed and I was immediately intrigued!!

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You Mean There Are Things You **CAN'T** Do?? Absolutely! Which Is Why:

I feel the need to express something and I want to be VERY clear:  I am a website DESIGNER.  I am not a website CODER.  Yes, there is a difference ;)

A website CODER writes code ... they arrange html code to create a 'look' that becomes a website / and or pages of a website.  I am not a coder.  While I do know bits and pieces of code I am a website DESIGNER ... I have an eye for what looks good and then I use blocks to create the pages.  I use Squarespace for every website I design and I start with BLANK pages ... from there I dream up what my client needs and I arrange the page as I see it in my mind.  So:

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